20 African Mobile Application Development Companies You Need to Know About

20 African Mobile Application Development Companies You Need to Know About – The mobile application development sector is likely to change the African economies significantly. It has grown at all levels, allowing various companies to come up with innovative solutions to the unique issues faced by the Africans. Some companies that have made a remarkable achievement in this case are:

  1. UgandaSoft

This is one of the fastest growing ICT companies in Uganda. Started in 2005, the company has been offering mobile applications designed to have incredible functionality across all platforms.

  1. Nisqo technologie

The Tanzanian based mobile application development company was initiated by Nisile Kaswaga. The founder was encouraged by the developers from the Ugandan Makerere University who made a fortune out of the applications. Love Guru is one of the apps from the company that has gained popularity across the globe.

  1. Bemasapp

This online web and mobile app development company has its offices in Lagos, Nigeria.  It offers solutions to businesses and individuals who yearn for secure and functional apps.

  1. Pixie technologies

The company offers apps that have great user experience and mobility. It offers a range of products, from game applications, widget development, mobile apps for the social media, and mobile interface design.  It is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. Muva

The Kenyan based company has been in operational for a while, offering solutions to the business community and the corporate world. The solutions have gained popularity because they are fully integrated across all platforms. The professionals also recommend the right solutions to their clients.

These Kenyan professionals have over 10 years of experience in mobile apps development. Their apps are highly functional. They also engage in website development and design.

  1. Palma online solutions

The South African- based company has created innovative mobile apps for the business community in the country. It is known for its android, iOS mobile application development.

  1. Dreamweave Digital

The company offers a range of mobile development solutions including loyalty apps for businesses, app promo videos and mobile apps for iOS, Android and windows phone. The company is based in South Africa.

  1. JimahTech limited

This company specializes in offering mobile apps for banks, football clubs, churches, unions, and celebrities. It is based in Kumasi, Ghana.

  1. StarTech

The company prides itself in turning ideas into applications.  It is also known for offering apps that can be utilized in all platforms. It is based in Namibia.

  1. NovaSoft technologies

The Botswana-based company aims at creating business value for businesses and organizations.  It also offers other services such as web design and internet marketing.

  1. Nilecode

The Egyptian-based developer is reputable for using latest tools to create the apps. It has successfully created apps such as Rise Up Egypt and Web Summit Dublin.

  1. Sacris technologies

The developers have over 10 years of experience in mobile apps development. It is based in Kigali, Rwanda.

  1. Appsout

The company specializes in mobile apps and games development. It offers iOS, android and virtual reality apps development.

  1. JumpSpace communications

The Nigerian developers have created a product-Find a Med- to help people to locate the closest health center. It also offers information on what patients should do during emergencies.

  1. Refugees United

There are innumerable refugees in Africa. Some of these people are unable to trace their families or friends. The company has therefore created an app to unite the refugees with their families.

  1. Shimba Technologies

The Kenyan-based company launched its MedAfrica app in 2011. It has since helped thousands of users to access critical health information.

  1. Safaricom

The ability of an African company to innovate an application such as m-Pesa has attracted the attention of the world.  Indeed, Safaricom has revolutionized the manner in which people make financial transactions.

  1. Subah developers private limited

The company launched the Suba app to help Ghanaians to create group photo stream. It is adored by the young people in the country and beyond.

  1. Hello doctor

The South African company created the app to help patients access the right information from health professionals in different fields.

It is clear that the African economy will benefit from the range of solutions offered by the mobile application developers. Encouraging the spirit of innovation and creativity in the continent is, therefore, important.

African Mobile Application Development Companies

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