2016 UBA Banking Job Recruitment Application Process Apply Now

2016 UBA Banking Job Recruitment Application Process – UBA has been working endlessly to improve their service delivery, customer service and most especially to expand their service options and to also accommodate all Nigerian possible no matter the your age or grade. While we are personally aware that this is a good step for young Nigerian graduates who may have interest to work as a banker, it is also important to say that UBA Bank is among the largest banks in the country and they also hardly downsize.

UBA Banking Job Recruitment Application Requirements:

a. Applicant should Not be than 27 years old as November 2016
b. Qualification: Degree with a second class upper or it equivalent.
c. To Apply Online:  We argue you visit HQ at Marina on Mondays through Fridays.
This is not guaranteed but we have insider information that this could be the way to apply for the job or , visit here to register and apply: UBA Group Young Graduates
d. Documents to take along: WAEC, Degree cert, birth cert and your CV.
e. Nature of contract: No information but all indication is saying its full time.We will inform you if we gets any other information contrary to this.

What to expect from this UBA Banking Job Recruitment process:

Please beware with us, we are currently updating this post keep refreshing

1) When you visit their branch, it is possible that you will write exam immediately. So prepare before start going.
2) It is also possible that you may not but be invited at a later date.
3) Questions are on quantitative reasoning (data interpretation and arithmetic etc) and the English are (comprehension, antonyms and synonyms, logic etc). 50 questions in an hour.
4) Personal experience from me back then, the gate men are a huge issue. You might have to plead or speak with a staff going in to assist. So I advice you also apply online.
5) After the test, if successful, you would be invited for interviews then you proceed to the training school if successful. Otherwise, you get  regret email.
6) Training/Banking School is in batches and try as much as you can to be successful at the training school.
7) You are then dispatched to where you would put into practice your passion for banking and what you have learn at the training school.

Some interview questions from previous recruitment:
There are usually three stages of interview:
a. Interview with the HR
b. Interview with the head of department
c. Finally stage is with the Executive Director Human resources

1) Why UBA?
2) T
ell us something that has happened this week in the Nigerian financial sector.
3) Tell us about yourself.
4) Why should we hire you?

Answers to the questions

“Why Should We Hire You?” – A Simple Guide

Hi folks,

Trust your day is going fine.
Like some of you are already aware of how I am passionate about knowledge sharing and self improvement, I am compelled to bring up this discussion because of something that happened at my workplace.

So, one of the historical HR questions that have stood the test of time during interviews is “Why Should We Hire You?“.
It is an age old inquiry skill that illuminates how you view yourself and how smartly you can convey that message across.

For example, you are at an interview with Guranty Trust Bank and you were asked this question, the foregoing answer should help you in forming your own answer.

Interviewer: Why Should We Hire You?

Interviewee: I believe one of the greatest gift any employer can get is to have employees who are reliable and can be counted on to do their jobs when you turn your back. I am a positive, self motivated individual who is passionate about whatever i put my mind into. If I do not believe in a thing I do not get involved in it. I believe in Guaranty Trust Bank, I have always wanted to be a part of the family and you can count on me to do a good job.

Kindly share how you answer this question and let us learn. Most especially let new graduates and those who are searching for same question learn.

It left for you to ask questions for some things that you don’s know about the bank, but do not forget to help others and encourage us by sharing using the social media links below. You can find other interesting posts if you navigate through the site. Welcome! to www.topgist.com.ng

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