2017 N-Power Teach Assessment Test Questions & Answers

For all the 2017 N-Power Teach applicants try as much as possible to read this article, and you will never regret you did. This is insight of 2017 N-Power Tech Assessment Test Questions & Answers so take it serious. If you can print or save the page on your device better as it will be a guide in your upcoming N-Power Teach Assignment exercise which will commence on 2nd of August 2017.

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Check out these N-Power Teach Assessment Test Questions & Answers 2017

1) The type of soil suitable for plant growth is…
A) sandy soil
B) loamy soil
C) rocky soil
D) clay soil
2) Which one is the capital city of united kingdom
A) London
B) Paris
C) Manchester City
D) Dublin
3) The current Minister of Agriculture is…
A) Dr.Akinwumi Adesina
B) Mr. Bala Muhammad
C) Chief Audu Innocent Ogbeh
D) Mallam Sadiqu Abdullahi
4) Photosynthesis is the process where green plant manufactured food using ……….. and carbon ii oxide in the presence of sunlight
A) light
B) water
C) wood
D) grass
5) ………..responsible for green pigments in leaves
A) stomata
B) chlorophy
C) nitrogen
D) iron
6) Your sex
A) female
B) Male
6) A reflex angle is _________
A) greater than 90 and less than 180 degrees.
B) 160 degrees.
C) less than 45 degrees.
D) less than 90 degree.
7) Which of these classifications and/ or post-graduate degrees apply to you?
1. 1st Class / Distinction and Masters
2. 1st Class / Distinction and PGD
3. 1st Class / Distinction
4. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit + Masters
5. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit + PGD
6. 2nd Class Upper / Upper Credit
7. 2nd Class Lower / Lower Credit + Masters
8. 2nd Class Lower / Lower Credit + PGD
9. 2nd Class Lower / Lower Credit
10. 3rd Class / Pass + Masters
11. 3rd Class /Pass + PGD
12. 3rd Class / Pass
8) Nigeria Yam Export was flagged Off On….
A) June 29, 2017
B) May 29, 2017
C) April 29, 2017
D) June 12, 2017
9) Example of remnant animals include the following except
A) sheep
B) cattle
C) fowl
D) goat
10) Extension officer is to bridge the gap between …………. and…………..
A) marketer and seller
B) producer and consumer
C) researcher and farmer
D) state and federal
11) For the nation to have food sufficiency,gov
ernment must encourage
A) farming
B) politic
C) taxation
D) education
12) Nigerian minister of state for agriculture and rural development is…..
A) Chief Audu Ogbeh
B) Sen. Danjuma Goje
C) Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri
D) Alh. Baba Hammed
13) Monograstric is to associated with ………..
A) cattle
B) buffalo
C) fowls
D) ewe
14) Example of cereal crops include the following except
A) yam
B) maize
C) millet
D) wheat
15) Cassava is propagated through …………..
A) bud
B) stem
C) leave
D) tuber
16) Preparation of land for farming include the following except
A) clearing
B) marking out
C) burning
D) thining
17) The newly introduced N-power programme, Npower Tax is also known as…
A) N-power Community Education
B) N-power VAIDS
C) N-power NOA
D) N-power SIP


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