2017/2018 N-Power List Of Successful Shortlisted Applicants for Interview

The 2017/2018 N-Power List Of Successful Shortlisted Applicants for Interview will available online soon.
The next stage in the N-power engagement after successful shortlisting of lucky applicants is deployment. N-power will deploy all volunteers to their place of assignment. There, they will serve for next 2 years of their participation the scheme. Meanwhile, one of the troubling question is,
Are we going to be deployed in your state of residence or state of origin?
Applicants during registration were asked to fill their state of origin and state of residence and the local government areas respectively. This is required for documentary and deployment purpose.

N-power has made it clear that, they don’t recon with state of origin in deployments of successful applicants for service, rather, they take to the filled and submitted state of residences and local government of residence.

The primary purpose of the state of origin is to have record of how the scheme is helping Nigerians based on their birth states. But to serve, you will need to be placed to your state of residence.
However, some applicants didn’t understand this during the registration and they mistakenly chose wrong states of residence. For example, Mr. A applied and still residing in Lagos and he is from Osun. During the registration, he filled Osun as state of origin, which is correct. But instead of Lagos as state of residence, he still filled Osun as the state of residence. This was a mistake.
The bad news is, N-power will not deploy him to Lagos, instead he will posted to Osun his placement and the local claimed. But is this a problem?

The good news is, No! This is not a problem yet.

If you fall to this category, as soon as you’re shortlisted, you can apply for change of state and local government of residence on the N-power portal. And this can equally be done by paper form from the wrong state to the new state.
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