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2018 Bonny Vocational Centre (BVC) Entrance Examination Timetable – Bonny Vocational Centre (BVC) is one of the Sustainable Development Initiatives (SDIs) set up by NLNG in conjunction with the Bonny Kingdom to mitigate specific Social Impacts identified in various Environmental, Social & Health Impact Assessments (ESHIAs).


2018 Entrance Examination Timetable

You are hereby notified that latest by Friday, 16th June by 4pm, everybody’s examination dates will be published on our website. However, those scheduled for Monday, 19th June 2018 are already indicated here.

Please note that all the examinations will end by Friday, 23rd June 2018.

Therefore, everybody’s examination date will be rescheduled and the examination will run between Monday, 19th – Friday, 23rd June 2018, except for those already scheduled for Friday, 16th June 2018.

We apologies for the inconveniences.

To quickly locate your name on the list, simply type your name into the search bar on website.

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