2018 BVC Bonny Short Course Training Programme Enrollment Apply Now

2018 BVC Bonny Short Course Training Programme Enrollment – This is one vital information you need to make a solid decision concerning adding new skills. The program is guaranteed to help you develop your long sort after dream of being a multi-skilled person. Kindly reshare to help us spread this information. This can mark the start of something POSITIVE for you half way into the year 2018.

For those that registered online for admission into BVC and have not seen the date of their exams yet, please between Friday (9th of June) and Monday (12th of June), check the enrolment website, www.bvcbonny.net/enrol, to get the information about the date of your exams.

Have you been looking for where to develop practical hands-on skill in Engineering, IT/PC maintenance, Electrical Installation, Catering etc.
Apply on the ongoing 2018 BVC Bonny Short Course Training Programme and experience a world-class training/practical competency development.

This is new! Are you a skilled personnel but not certified in your specialty area? Here is a great opportunity for you. Hurry now, contact BVC, schedule a test in your choice area and get certified.

You can also get a hand on traning in your choice area in 10 days and get certified.
Training on the various skills area are scheduled to start on Monday 19th June 2018.
This is an invitation to another level of greatness. Refuse to be laid-off and become indispensable by your multi skills.

Available Courses

1. Electrical Installation
2. Scaffolding
3. Plumbing
4. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
5. Mechanical
6. Fabrication and Welding
7. Award in Food Safety
8. Training Skills
9. Catering and Hospitality

To register for this offer send mail with your information to: enquiries@bvcbonny.net or visit www.bvcbonny.net for more details.

Please note that the training begins on 19th of June 2018.

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