2018 Most Ranking Mobile Device In The World Released (See Photos Here)

Here we will be revealing to you today the 2018 Most Ranking Mobile Device and it’s functions. So many people has indulge today in an argument wanting to know the most ranking mobile device in our world now why because there are so many expensive mobile devices in the market which makes them look confused on rating the most ranking mobile device among each other. Few years ago blackberry came out we thought it was the world best phone because we have not  sure before;

but today other sets are out called IPhones this made them confuse the more; So i sacrificed my time in looking into tedious research on the most expensive phone of all time, i was really shock when i found out that we have been behind the world not knowing the most expensive phone.

IPhone 5 Black Diamond Image

It really worth being the world most expensive phone,for folks to really know how expensive it is; i will impudently tell you that this phone is much more expensive than some well know great establishments in Nigeria, there are so many wealthy men in the world today that are not worth buying that phone if they still need to survive.

In general terms PHONES which are great means of communication has really ameliorate our world,its really worth been bombastic about.
After perusing all of this i said to myself ”all phones are means of communication few differences between them is just maybe the Cameras, Art collection, operating system and so on, to be sincerely speaking this phones price has really gone gaga,it has explodes from thousands of dollars to hundred of thousands of dollars to million of dollars.

These expensive phones are not purchase anymore for the sake of communication but are bought for fashion statement that ”i am into wealth” i can grant an extension to the deadline of payment’ that is what its presently all about.
At this junction let me shine on the light on the beautiful,awesome opulent and most expensive smartphone phone in the world.
IPhone 5 Black Diamond -$15.3 million

IPhone 5 Black Diamond Description

The IPhone 5 Black Diamond is king to all other mobile device currently.
This device was made of solid gold and gorgeously organised with 600 white diamond.
It took 9 weeks of complex work to reform the original chassis of this iphone 5 in solid gold
These chassis has a decorative pattern of solid gold with 53 perfect diamond
The masterpiece boasts a massive circa of 135 grams of 24ct gold and of course sapphire glass set in the screen.

Company :Stuart Hughes
website :StuartHughes.com

These IPhone is of quite different from others
1. The $15 million price tag,
2. Offers a 24-carat gold iPhone 5 that starts at just over $4,000.
3. A rose-gold version is about $5,300.
4. Hughes made a $9 million iPhone 4S in 2011 with 500 diamonds.

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