IGNORE All 2019 WAEC, NECO, Jamb UTME Score Upgrading And Admission Assistance Threads

2019 WAEC, NECO, Jamb UTME Score Upgrading  Import to all 2019 candidates who are writing  WAEC, NECO, JAMB or any other O’level exam should be aware warned of scammers/fraudsters roaming around on the social media.

This report also goes to aspirant that are yet to sit for any of the above listed examinations.

The social media is now filled with a lot scam/Fraudulent persons trying to convince you by claiming  to be JAMB officials or admission officers in the higher institution or the other. And by this means of doing this,  have it in back of your mind that this group of person’s has defrauded a lot of student’s of their parents money.

Please we beg you, take note of that and don’t be victimize by all this criminal. These people are scammers and please we beg you, do not call any number that is been posted online for exam run’s as 99% of them are scammers, instead click on the (size=14pt)‘report button’[/size] (located beside the ‘quote button’) and report them to us (the mods).

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Any one that is promising you to upgrade your 2017 Jamb UTME result, WAEC, Neco result’s or it’s equivalent is just on a mission to Collect your money and never pick your call once you payment has been made.

We encourage all our viewers to always make use the report button to report any scam post by anyone posing as genuine member to our moderators.

Meanwhile, on Our Part as Moderators, We on our own will do our best to make sure that this 2017 section does not become a safe haven for these fraudsters.

All scammer’s are hereby warned, anyone engaging in such an inhumane activity will attract a very lengthy ban creating multiple username in addition to this will even make it worse, and where possible such fraudulent cases would be forwarded to the appropriate Law enforcement agencies.

We know you, we will fetch you out and report you to the appropriate enforcement agencies, don’t say you are not been told.

2019 WAEC, NECO, Jamb UTME Score Upgrading can’t be possible so don’t be deceived

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