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2019/2020 Nigerian Railway (NRC) Fresh Job Recruitment Vacancies | List Of Shortlisted Applicants –



2019/2020 Nigerian Railway (NRC) Fresh Job Recruitment Vacancies – All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organization’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability.


 This is to notify the applicants who applied for positions in NRC in 2016 that aptitude test have been slated for Thursday 6th May 2019 by 8.00am.
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Shortlisted applicants have already been notified through SMS. Please note that only those who have been notified through the NRC SMS channel will be admitted to write the aptitude test.

2019/2020 Nigerian Railway (NRC) Fresh Job Recruitment Vacancies

2019 Nigerian Railway job recruitment is aim at employing new professional and highly trained talented Nigerians with integrity and skills. Applicants are expected to have excellent communications,  relevant academic qualification, technical qualifications, and interpersonal skills will be added advantage.

The Nigerian Railway job recruitment 2019 NRC Job portal has not been launched for registration.

Applicants are to send their curriculum vitae together with a cover letter via email to the NRC contact email:, and also make sure you include valid contact phone number because you will be contacted with your phone number if your application is successful. Applicants can also submit their hand written application addressed to the Director, Admin/HR, Nigerian Railway Corporation through the same email address.

If want us to help you with information at the right time about the Nigerian Railway Corporation Recruitment 2087/2019, kindly drop your phone number and your email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask any question concerning to this guide.

For more information, visit


First Trip Departs Idu Station (Abuja) at 0600hrs


Arrives Rigasa Station (Kaduna) at 0825hrs
Second Trip Departs Idu Station (Abuja) at 1155hrs Arrives Rigasa Station (Kaduna) at 1420hrs
Third Trip Departs Idu Station (Abuja) at 1745hrs  Arrives Rigasa Station (Kaduna) at 2010hrs


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    October 12, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    am happy for these great information concerning recruitment of exercise taking place now, but the pages are not opening for interested candidate to fill Sir, hope the management will do something to correct the situation

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  35. Mr. Ikechukwu Ufere

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