7 Important Things/Updates All 2017 NYSC Batch B PCM Should know

Listed here are the things all 2017 NYSC  Batch B PCM should take note of. Yes, it’s getting to your turn to serve your father land closer than you think. You have been waiting curiously for the 2017 Batch B mobilization to start so that you also can be called a Corp member. I know many of you would see it or even think it’s not a big deal. However, I can assure you that when it begins, there is a joy, advantages and opportunities attached to it. It depends on how you maximize it though.

Corpers Forum have got a lot of articles that you need to read, some terms you need to know, some information that will be useful for you. And we are also here to attempt and answer to all your questions. If you are not yet a member on Corpers Forum already, REGISTER For Free and become part of this Community.

So am here to give you a list of 7 things you should know if you are waiting for NYSC 2017 Batch B Mobilization. I will be quick and brief.

1.   NYSC has not been scraped

So many people have been carrying rumour that the scheme has been removed in Nigeria. This is not true at all. So you all should be calm and wait till probably November for the mobilization to begin. You will be mobilized.

2.   You have to wait till NYSC 2016 Batch B pass out.

One thing that has kept NYSC and our system of education moving is the constant changing and replacements. Every year, a new batch move in to replace the old Batch. That was how it has been working since the existence of NYSC.

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Going by this formula, for NYSC 2017 batch B will go in to replace NYSC 2016 Batch B who should pass out in November this year. Until they observe their passing out Parade, you cannot go for your service.

3.   The senate list is yet to be out.

To many who has been checking and asking about the senate list for 2017 batch B mobilization, I will advise you to stop giving yourself unnecessary stress because the list is not Now.

The senate list is a list that will contain all the names of qualified graduates from various higher institutions. The list will be forwarded to National Youth service management and that is the list that will be used to mobilize you.

When NYSC is ready, they will notify higher institutions to provide the list. For now, there is no senate list out there because the mobilization is yet to begin.

4.    The Mobilization Date is not certain yet

The mobilization is not certain yet. Some people have been posting rumour that the date is Sept 28th, some claim Nov 12th. Someone has even gone to an extent of creating a fake time table. Please beware. Stay with Corpers Forum and we will give you live authentic updates. Do not let any play you around.

5.   You are a prospective Corps Member (PCM)

You are not yet a Corp member until that Wednesday when you will be sworn in during the orientation camp. So for now, you will be tagged and addressed as Prospective corp members. PCM.
I think you should know that fact also.

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6.   The NYSC registration is after Mobilization

I was shocked to receive a call from a PCM asking me when NYSC 2017 Batch B registration will close. So funny. The registration is after you have been mobilized through a list that your higher institution will send to NYSC. No registration is in progress for now.

7.   You are not ready if you have not joined 2017 NYSC Batch B PCM Corpers forum

Corpers Forum is a platform where you should be. It’s a place for everyone interested but mostly for ex- corpers, serving corp members, Prospective corp members and students in general. If you are really serious about having firsthand authentic information and more about NYSC, this is a place you should be. In case you have a question, we are more than happy to provide an answer
There are more things you need to know.

Let’s me stop there for now. So many Nigerians take advantages of our graduates especially during this NYSC mobilization process. You are important and special. Do not let anyone fool you. You can check out our NYSC Library for some articles that you will be so happy to read. If you have not joined Corpers Forum,


Thank you so much for reading. If you have any question or anything, feel free to use the  reply box below to reach us.


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