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We’re going to show you how to apply for current ongoing Access Bank Loan 2020/2021 interest free registration right here. If you’re ready to learn how to apply for Access Bank 2020 free interest loan, then you’ll have to keep reading To see how Access Bank Loan 2020/2021 Registration is done.

Access Bank Loan 2020/2021 Registration form is very easy to fill. However, I’ll need you to understand that there things you’ll have to put into consideration. As part of the #All4one Recovery Program, we have set aside funds for various youth empowering programs.

Access Bank Loan 2020/2021 Registration Procedures

  1. Collaboration with Vocational & Skills Development Partners
    We will create training hubs where the youth will be equipped with skills such as plumbing, carpentry, welding etc. and subsequently absorbed to offer their services to state own projects as well as private sectors. This is aimed at impacting 15, 000 individuals.

    We are partnering with identified skills acquisition centers to empower the youth via skills acquisition training and apprenticeships for the duration of 3 to 6 months. Each participant will be paid N30, 000 and a stipend of N10,000. We will also avail the participants with a seed capital of up to N500,000. We will collaborate with other corporates such as construction companies (Hi-tech, Elalan, Craneburg etc.) to utilize their services and Jobbers to offer access to market: opportunities via market place.

    Who can apply?
    Interested artisans i.e carpentry, plumbing, welding, vulcanizing

  2. Lagos Tech Initiative
    An open source program for youth techpreneurs and software developers charged with the responsibility of developing application solutions to support critical needs of the different Lagos State MDAs. This is such that will facilitate interconnectivity and sharing of permissioned data among the MDAs and Small Businesses. There will be Rewards and Incentives for the top rated solutions with scale, security and compatibility.

    Who can apply?
    Web designers & (graphics , data , Big data and AI analyst, software engineers, Open source Business Developers etc.

  3. Accelerate Creative Suite
    The Phoenix Project has been created to support the creative industry by providing training, job opportunities and support facilities for youth interested in the creative sector. The offering of the Phoenix Project is to support young creatives seeking to build their careers in the creative industry. The Phoenix Project Initiative is divided into 3 parts:

    1. Film & Television industry Training
      The Phoenix Project Training will be across various creative skills sets. There will be practical class based physical training as well as online training across the creative industry value chain. Once the training is complete, all students will go through graduation and certification. We will train 1,000 youth aged 16 – 30 yearly. Training will take place in locations across the country in the South, South East, South West and the North.
    2. Phoenix Den Seed Fund to support the trained young creatives
      The Phoenix Den is a seed funding initiative for young creatives that have gone through the Phoenix Project training programme who require seed funding for future creative projects. This is for further support and create jobs for the youth.
    3. The Phoenix Centre
      The Phoenix Centre is a creative hub set up to support youths in the creative industry. The hub will be a centre where creatives will be supported to develop and execute creative ideas. The space will provide opportunities for training and capacity building across the creative value chain.

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Access Bank Loan 2020/2021 Business Recovery Application Guide

Has your business been affected by the recent crisis?

You could be eligible for an interest-free loan for repurchasing of stock, physical store repairs, relocation, or related working capital expenses.

Who Should Apply?

Businesses that have suffered losses due to the violence during the civil unrest.

  • MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Corporates / Large Businesses


  • Non-Interest Loan
  • Tenor of up to 24 months
  • Moratorium period of upto  6 months (where required)

Community Outreach Access Bank Loan 2020/2021 Interest Free


  1. Providing support for micro businesses, working with established NGOs and cooperatives.
  2. Partnership with LSETF (Lagos State Employment Trust Fund) on Small Grants:
    We are partnering with Lagos State Government through the LSETF Build Back Our Lagos scheme, to provide grants to micro businesses who are victims of the civil unrest. This will be an addendum to the on-going initiative to provide counter party funding to micro businesses. Over 1, 000 micro businesses operating in Lagos State will be directly impacted.
Who can apply for grants?

All Access Bank customers with Micro businesses operating in Lagos State that apply for grants through LSETF – Build Back Our Lagos Initiative.

How to Apply for 2020 Access Bank Interest Free Loan?

Here’s how to apply/register for Access Bank Loan 2020/2021 Interest Free.

First, you’ll have to visit Access Bank Loan page below

Download/Fill the application form, and please, read the guides below.

  • Application closes in February 2020
  • Application does not guarantee selection

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