APC Set To Expel Any Member/Leader Found Playing Anti-party Activity

Report reaching us today has it that APC set to expel any member/leader found playing anti-party activity. (Hon.) Lucky Worluh who happens to be the stalwart of the APC) in Rivers State, Executive Chairman of Emohua Local Government Area and Chairman of Ikwerre Youth Movement (IYM) Emolga Chapter today condemned the faulty activities of some party leaders and members of APC.


“I call on Ward Executives, Local Government Executives, State Executives and National Executives of the APC to suspend any APC member found wanting/playing Anti-Party activity in Rivers State. He or she should be suspended and finally expelled from the party”

He also referred to some politicians as Power Blood Thirsty;


“It’s very wrong and against the rules and regulations of the party that those who claimed in 2013 that some Youths were Killing their members, today sit, dine and hobnob with those Youths for the purpose of 2019 not considering how to appreciate those that fought for them in 2015.
The life’s of so many persons where lost. Some lost their parents, some their brothers and sisters died. Nobody is talking about those ones. They are busy recruiting new ones for 2019.
For me, I see those politicians as power thirsty”

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He further tasked Youths of Rivers State to rise up, be bold and ask politicians to give arms to their own children rather than keeping them abroad;

“As the Youth Chairman of Emolga (the IYM chairman), I use this opportunity to call on my followers to shun this kind of invitation. Beheading that has become the order of the day is a wrong thing.
Anybody that recruit any youth for beheading is a wrong thing. Let the youths of Rivers State shun this kind of recruitment and say no to it.
Any politician that is engaging you for 2019, asking you how many arms you have and who and who you want to kill or keep, tell him or her to bring back the children from Abuja, Lagos and some of them are already in Canada. They are above 20/22 years. They should come and carry arms, then we will join them.
This is not the time to be beheading our brothers for the sake of this ones, wants to be into power and when they get into power, they will forget us”

He insisted his call to expel some persons in the party;

“In a nutshell, I think that those APC Leaders that currently hobnob with opposition party should be expelled from APC”

IYM Emolga Media Team

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