ASUU To Go On One Week Warning Strike On 10th Friday 2017

ASUU To Go On One Week Warning Strike – The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) University of Ibadan Chapter, today announce the awaiting for the approval from it national body, to start a one-week warning strike which will commence on Friday.

According to our news agent, an emergency meeting presided over by ASUU Chairman, Dr. Deji Omole, on Wednesday in Ibadan, the union also threatened to embark on an indefinite strike to protest illegal pension deductions and shortfall of their monthly salaries.

Dr. Deji said that the University of Ibadan (UI) management has not address the issues on ground and they will join to continue with the indefinite strike.

“While ASUU awaits for the approval of the national body of the union to commence with its strike, its Non Academic Staff counterparts that will resolved to proceed on an indefinite strike unless the issues are been resolved favorably.

How many members of the National Executive Committee of ASUU today can make these altruistic sacrifices including detention away from their families in the worst dungeons that could last from days to years? What rules and amendments have been made in the constitution of ASUU to protect the branch and national leadership of ASUU from these corrupting times of primitive accumulation, or are we to assume that our present leaders are simply immune to this leprous pestilence that in world history has not spared even the infallible popes and sanctimonious Imams?

Primitive Accumulation by Academic Staff as a general form is not unique to Uni-Iorin or UNN, nor is it only a threat to the national body of ASUU, but its abundant permutation can be traced at Universities of Lagos, Port-Hacourt, Jos and virtually all Nigerian Universities. Gone were the days when members of the National Executive Committee proved their love for ASUU by their altruism, sacrifice and patriotism for the nation, that if need be, included giving up their lives. Those were trying times when ASUU confronted military dictators that ruled by decrees, military tribunals, and firing squads with their blood bedewed human targets displayed to entertain the thousands of unemployed spectators or televised to our homes for leisure. Under the castrating policies of Western money lenders, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the military regimes strove with their Structural Adjustment Programs to turn our Universities into wastelands through poor funding for scientific research upgrading infrastructure, and the welfare of students and workers. ASUU mounted the decisive opposition against these neocolonial policies and sustained our Universities towards national development; it posed significant challenges that ended military rule with the patriotic and altruistic leadership of the Eskor Toyos, the Iyayis, the Olorode, the Jegas, the Y.Z Yaus and many others. These leaders often attended National Executive or Delegates Conferences with their personal income, and often funded the transport fee of other comrades as their pockets would permit and slept together in the cheapest hotels in the streets of our various University towns. For these ASUU leaders, corrupting gifts –in cash or kind-or to utilize their highly noble and privileged position in the sordid pursuit of primitive accumulation in place of service, integrity and patriotism was an unmentionable and unprintable crime.

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