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Bullion Van is to be the latest peer to peer community platform that’s fair to their members.  Trust me you will not lose or regret of investing on Bullion Van. To participate is so simple just select a package to help a fellow member with and two or three participants will be instantly matched with you to help you.

Get 300%* of Your Investment in a Few Minutes GUARANTEED, Set Your Alarms NOW!

(*300% for Launch day only, Subsequently it will reduce to 200%, so act fast on Launch day) Bullion Van is the latest donation community platform that’s fair to all. Register and select an amount you want to invest with a fellow member and two people will be instantly matched with you after your payment has been confirmed.
Bullion Van HOT Packages

Invest ₦5,000 to get ₦15,000 – 300%*

₦10,000 to get ₦30,000 – 300%*

₦20,000 to get ₦60,000 – 300%*

₦50,000 to get ₦150,000 – 300%*

Note: the *300% promo will only be on the launch day then subsequently 200% after the lunch promo day.

Bullion Van Features:

The website has Secured HTTPS | Up to 300% | No cyber beggers | Purge of fake POP| Instant Re-Merging | 24/7 Live Chat and above all.

Bullion Van comes with bullet Proof Dedicated Cloud Hosting. 100 Million users cannot bring us Down, Try them.

As a Promoter you can earn ₦60,000 Everyday.

Your Get paid of referral earning everyday for promoting www.bullionvan.com, In 10 Days you will be a millionaire, Contact us at promo@bullionvan.com to get a unique link.
Bullion Van pay’s ₦60,000 for every 10 new members you registered under you.
Their Acceptable Promo Include: Sharing on your their whatsapp groups chat page, facebook pages, seminars, leaflets and websites/blogs you can contact them for more information.

TO GET NOTIFIED FROM www.bullionvan.com:

To be getting news letters and some vital information simply enter your email and phone number to get notified via SMS within 1hour before we launch “Bullion Van is a first come first serve platform”

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