Canadian Post-Secondary Recruitment 2022 Jobs

Launch or advance your career by applying to federal public service opportunities for college and university graduates in a broad range of fields in departments across the country.

The 2022 campaign is now closed. To be notified of new job postings, create a GC Jobs account and subscribe to our email job alerts. You can also visit this page for updates.


You’re eligible to apply if you have a college diploma or university degree, or will have one soon.

If you graduated outside Canada
If you’re not a Canadian citizen

What to expect when you apply

After you’ve applied, be sure to check your GC Jobs account for updates on your application status to see whether you’ve been included in an inventory or referred to a department. Initially, you will not receive any emails about your status, but if you’re selected for further consideration, you’ll be contacted by the hiring manager.

Application status – explanation of terms

Assessment accommodation

At every step of the process, from the application to the end of the assessment, accommodation measures are available to you. Examples include: accessible environments, different formats, larger fonts, adaptive technology, extra time, individual testing and more. Accommodation measures are designed to remove barriers to ensure a fair assessment, and they allow candidates to fully demonstrate their competencies.

For more information on accommodation, please visit the Assessment accommodation website.

What you need to know about Post-Secondary Recruitment testing

When you apply to a job opportunity or an inventory, you may receive an electronic invitation to write the Public Service Entrance Exam. You may also receive an invitation to participate in other types of assessment.

Public Service Entrance Exam Unsupervised Test (PSEE 370)

This online unsupervised test assesses reasoning skills and judgement. If this tool is used during the assessment process, the competencies assessed could be validated using other assessment tools at a later date.

Try the STAR method when applying!

Wondering how you can provide detailed and concrete examples on how you meet experience qualifications? You don’t have to use it, but the STAR method could help!

Count yourself in!

Creating an environment where diverse perspectives are valued begins with self-declaration. Count yourself in and self-declare by identifying to which employment equity group(s) you belong to. Some hiring organizations, based on their needs, may limit the selection of candidates to members of these designated groups.

Not sure about your bilingual language proficiency?

Eliminate the stress and try out the self-assessment tests for written expression and reading comprehension in your second language before you take the official tests.

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