Check out the new Android App Update with Data and Easier Support

Yes, another new Android App Update with Data and Easier Support is out. Another version of the Zoto app rolls out today, and we’ve got a few awesome features you’d want to check out. Your Zoto app now offers much more on mobile data, and we’ve made a few changes to ensure that you can get support faster and easier.

Here are the major improvements you should definitely check out

1. Data recharge for Airtel, Glo and Etisalat

All users on Airtel, Glo and Etisalat can now get data directly from the Zoto app. Forget the annoying two step process of buying airtime first then trying to remember 7 digit USSD codes to subscribe.

We’ve gone a step further to give you access to all available data plans on each of these networks, so all you have to do is tap the “Tariff plans” button to see a list of available plans.

If you’re an MTN user, don’t feel left out, we’re working round the clock to ensure you get the same seamless experience as we’re now providing on all networks.

2. Check data balance directly from the Zoto app

Let’s admit it, remembering all of those USSD codes can be tiring. That’s why we’ve given you a reason to remember one less code. You can now check your data balance directly from the Zoto app.

Simply go to your account page and tap the data balance button to grant the Zoto app access to take this stress off you. Once you’ve given us permission, you can check your data balance in a single tap.

See how to enable this feature in this post

3. Refund status now available on order history

In the unlikely event that your recharge fails and a refund needs to be processed to your account, we know it’s a pain to have to check with the support team on the refund status. We’ve now included a refund status panel on the order history page.

Next time you need to know if a refund has been processed, simply check the order details page, tap on the order you wish to inquire about, and scroll down to the refund status panel.

Would you love to get early access to new features like these on the Zoto app? Join our Beta Testing group today and be the first to try out new features.

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