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CitiFund is here to bring entrepreneurs together with the sole purpose of helping each other to achieve business goals.
The community provides financial aid to budding entrepreneurs who in turn gives back to the community in order to help other participant of the community.

CitiFund has created a sustainable business platform by ensuring that all it’s participants comply and abide by the rules and regulations that guide’s the platform. If all members abides by these rules, we will have a system that will last for a very long time.
At intervals dubious and cunning participants who register to provide help to the community but default on payments will be deleted automatically once reported.

How CitiFund Works:

When a member of the CitiFund Community give help to other member that needs help, the recipient of the donation needs to acknowledge the payment that he or she has received the help, when a help provided is confirmed, the person that made that donation will automatically be placed in a queue to receive help from other members of the community.
Note: DO NOT JOIN if you do not have any means of mobile payments, you can register anytime you have spare cash, this community will be around for a very long as our community has been designed by a team of international Economists and Engineers with a vision to make it easy for entrepreneurs to access funds needed for business development.
At CitiFund, they cares about each member and also hope to build a sustainable community with your help.

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CitiFund support team is equipped with the tools needed to run the system efficiently, all complaints shall be resolved in little or no time as we have enough personnel on standby for support
However all the members need to ensure that their complaints is valid, and that their complaints comply with the format provided below

  • General Complaints – Write your sign up email address and name – Simply write a very short and concise text to our support mail stating what the problem is
  • When a Member is unw.illing to pay you or is delaying your payment – Compose a message with the Subject of the mail as “PAYMENT REPORT” – Write your registration email and name – Write down the transaction code – Tell the support team what the real issue is

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  • I have not been paired since last week Thursday 6th February 2017 I have made the payment upload and confirmed the same day

  • citi fund what is happening I provided help since Saturday and you people have not put that will pay upttill now and your web site is opening since this evening.

  • Citifund has not merged me since three days ago having confirmed me by person to whom I paid.what is the problem!!!

  • Good morning people pls I have paid someone money since last week Thursday till now I have not receive any payment from anybody

  • Good day I join this platform 2weeks ago,was pairs to pay somebody which I did and two people was paired to pau me back only one person paid d other person did not pay. I have not been paid till date and I wrote a mail to citifund twice no reply.

  • pls I joined this group since last week and I’ve been paired to pay but I’ve not recieved my own pairing for me to be paid . why

  • All i can say is that citifund should try and upgrade their system. is not funny putting in money and not getting it back not even your capital.

  • citifund must not crash for faith we have in this programme goes be young limits,am am a first timer and I was merged within 2mins after my registration which I paid immediately and I was confirmed but ever since I have been placed for GH but nobody has been brought to pay me which led to my discouragement I have interested friends but my issue drew them back and never wanted to be involved.pls lets keep moving this good work on for testimonies have heard made me venture into it,let my testimony too create good impression for more ppl to join

  • Dear team, I think this platform is designed to provide help to each other without any stress I happened to be one of victim who were not paid when I I have even paid to someone’s account with the mind that I will be matched with someone that will pay to my account,although I was matched but not so lucky to have been paid since since them and all I see is that I will be matched with another person since almost two weeks now, please do something so that people will not be thinking that it’s is a scam.

  • I have provided help going to 3weeks now yet have not been matched, and can’t even access your site. Is citifund a big big scam? If not why have I not been paid.

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