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CitiFund is here to bring entrepreneurs together with the sole purpose of helping each other to achieve business goals.
The community provides financial aid to budding entrepreneurs who in turn gives back to the community in order to help other participant of the community.

CitiFund has created a sustainable business platform by ensuring that all it’s participants comply and abide by the rules and regulations that guide’s the platform. If all members abides by these rules, we will have a system that will last for a very long time.
At intervals dubious and cunning participants who register to provide help to the community but default on payments will be deleted automatically once reported.

How CitiFund Works:

When a member of the CitiFund Community give help to other member that needs help, the recipient of the donation needs to acknowledge the payment that he or she has received the help, when a help provided is confirmed, the person that made that donation will automatically be placed in a queue to receive help from other members of the community.
Note: DO NOT JOIN if you do not have any means of mobile payments, you can register anytime you have spare cash, this community will be around for a very long as our community has been designed by a team of international Economists and Engineers with a vision to make it easy for entrepreneurs to access funds needed for business development.
At CitiFund, they cares about each member and also hope to build a sustainable community with your help.

CitiFund support team is equipped with the tools needed to run the system efficiently, all complaints shall be resolved in little or no time as we have enough personnel on standby for support
However all the members need to ensure that their complaints is valid, and that their complaints comply with the format provided below

  • General Complaints – Write your sign up email address and name – Simply write a very short and concise text to our support mail stating what the problem is
  • When a Member is unw.illing to pay you or is delaying your payment – Compose a message with the Subject of the mail as “PAYMENT REPORT” – Write your registration email and name – Write down the transaction code – Tell the support team what the real issue is


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