Claritta Login – How To Register And Login Via

Claritta Login – How To Register And Login Via – Claritta is a Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform. You donate stetting amount to a Fellow Claritta Member, and in 7 days time you will be matched with 4 Claritta participant who will all donate the same amount you paid.

Visit to register online.

How Claritta Works:

*If you interested join platform today by registering on the website.

*You (together with 2 other members) will be automatically matched with an existing Claritta participants.

*Make donation of N1,500 to that member you’ve been matched with, and your Claritta account will be instantly activated, and you’ll be able to refer people to

*You allowed make up to 3 times donations at the same time, and for each of your donation you make, Claritta matches you in just 1 week time with 4 members who donate same amount each to you donated. If that you make two (2) donations (for example N1,500 each), then in 7 days time that is one (1) week  you will get matched with 8 people that will pay you that same amount of N1,500 each (making it N15,000 in total). If you will to put like  N1,500, you will get N6,000 in just seven (7) days time. Invest N1,500 twice, and get N12,000 in 7 days time. Put N1,500 three times, then you get N18,000 in 7 days time.

But That’s Not All On Claritta

*Whenever you bring in a new member to the platform, and that person wish to register to join and invest, for exaple the person put in N1,500, then you will automatically matched in 3 days time with 3 Claritta members who will each pay you same amount you invested to you. If you bring one (1) new member, you get matched to receive N4,500 in 3 days time, and if you refer 2 new members, you get matched to receive N9,000 in 3 days time. So if you’re a Claritta Member, and you interested person that want to join  just, you earn N18,000 every week (which is N72,000 a month). And if you can bring like 6 persons in a week as a Claritta Member, you earn N27,000 every week (N108,000 a month).

Claritta Login

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