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How To Recover Your Password On Claritta – has now been changed to After the move from to many have been complaining of not able to login to their account.

Here we will reveal the steps to take, for you to recover your password.

This method has worked for many and I know it will still work for you to help you get your share as a member of

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Why the was changed to

The claritta website which is was upgraded due to low bandwidth and which they have expanded.

Note: Claritta is a Member to Member helping each other and not a most that you most “Refer” person. For example, you to make donation of setting amount to a Fellow Claritta participants, and in one week time you will be matched with 4 Claritta participant who will all so pay to you.

How To Recover Password On

We noticed that many have been having issues of not been able to access their account.

Here we will teach you how can recover your password it worked for me and I believe it will also work for you okay.

  1. visit
  2. Click on “Contact Us”.
  3. Fill the form and make sure you provide all the information you used during the time you registered.
  4. After all Click on “Send Message”.
  5. The Claritta Support Team will get back to you.

How Claritta Works:

To become member visit and register online. After you have signed up, next is to login into your claritta account and the click on make donation.

Once you click on the make donation Icon you will be matched automatically to pay a fellow participant.

Note: Before and after you have paid to contact the person for he/she confirm your payment.

If participant matched for you to pay his/her line is not going you can click on “Delete Match” and another person will be re-matched to you immediately.

To join visit and register.


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