Dangote Group Recruitment 2019 Job Vacancies – See Positions & How to Apply

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There are some things you actually need to understand about Dangote Group before you apply. In case you’ve not known before, the Dangote Group 2019 recruitment application is free you are not to pay money before you can apply.

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Dangote Group are currently recruiting to fill the following positions below:

Position TitleBusinessCountryOpen forApplication DeadlinePublished
Structural steel SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Piping SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Piling and Stone Columns SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Equipment Erection SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Equipment Package SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Piling and Stone Columns General ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Equipment Erection General ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Area Project ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Piling and stone columns ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Construction Equipment Operation ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Materials ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Material SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Structural Steel ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Piping ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Equipment packaging and ODC ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Painting and Insulation SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Painting and Insulation ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Planning SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Planning ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Construction Materials SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Construction Materials ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Piping Construction SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Piping Construction ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
QA QC SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
QA QC ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Heater ReformerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Heater Reformer ConstructionRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Material Maintenance SupervisorRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Construction ManagersRefineryNigeriaNigerian31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Assistant Manager CivilRefineryNigeriaNigerian31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Civil EngineerRefineryNigeriaNigerian31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Construction Health and Safety Officer RRefineryNigeriaNigerian31-Dec-201801-Aug-2018
Area Incharge ISBL unitsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201831-Jul-2018
Field Engineer ISBL UnitsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201831-Jul-2018
Panel Officer ISBL unitsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201831-Jul-2018
Shift Field Engineer ISBL unitsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201831-Jul-2018
Panel Officer UtilityRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201830-Jul-2018
Production Manager UtilityRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201830-Jul-2018
Utility HeadRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201830-Jul-2018
Economics Supply and Trading ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Economics and Scheduling ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Laboratory Shift in ChargeRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Laboratory Shift ChemistRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Health Safety Environment ManagerRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Civil MaintenanceRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Field Operator Offsite OperationsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Field engineer Offsite OperationsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Panel Officer Offsite OperationsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Shift In charge Offsite OperationsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018
Production Manager Offsite OperationsRefineryNigeriaBoth31-Dec-201827-Jul-2018

Dangote Group Recruitment 2019 Job Vacancies Requirements

  1. Candidates applying for these positions must not be more than 30 years of age.
  2. Qualified Candidates are advised to visit the Dangote Group website and apply for the positions online.
  3. Candidates are to upload their CVs and certificates.
  4. Applicants will be required to take an online qualifying examination
  5. Passing the relevant tests;
  6. Your willingness to push yourself beyond your comfort zone;
  7. Ability to show a flair to develop all the skills you need to be the best you can be.

Application Closing Date
31st December, 2018.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Note: The  Dangote Group Recruitment 2019 exercise is free.

The Dangote Group will not ask you to pay before you can register online. 

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