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You can also join EclipCity whatsapp groupchat, just click here to join

This article will guide you on EclipCity Login. Do you want to register on EclipCity website? Sign up on is the official website of the EclipCity. This page will review the platform for you so you can decide if you would join or not. All you need to do is to focus and read about EclipCity platform.

To connect with the smart contract, please download, set up, and fund your preferred wallet from the instructions below.
*it is mandatory to use a referral link 1st time depositing to Eclipcity Global smart contract, please use this ref. link>>>…
TRON WALLET – download at offical site:
TRONWALLET is a secure p2p crypto wallet and exchange for TRON (TRX)
Download and set up TRON WALLET to phone
Fund TRON wallet with TRX
Go to Dapp browser in wallet and enter this ref link>>>…
select amount to deposit and click join


TRONLINK is Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, TronLink equips you with a key vault, secure login, and token wallet—everything you need to manage your digital assets.
TronLink generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you have access to your accounts and data
How download TRONLINK browser extension?
Official website:
How to connect TRONLINK to Eclipcity Global smart contract?
Open Web browser with TronLink download
Enter ref link>>>… and click enter
Allow TRONLINK wallet to connect to
*first time joining ECLIPCITY GLOBAL, follow these steps
copy ref link from sponsor
enter ref link into your pc browser with TRONLINK extension or into Dapp browser in wallet (if TRON WALLET) then Select the amount you wish to deposit up to 100.000 TRX
Click join and confirm transaction in wallet
Sponsor Ref link👇👇👇
For more details & guides 👇…/EclipCity.ecosystem.GameChanger…


Eclipcity is the worlds first BaaS (Blockchain Software As a Service) MarketPlace that combines and leverages the power of our Affiliate Networks with DEFI services and blockchain products and technology.


The BAAS sector is the SAAS industry version 2.0 – BaaS is a shortening for “Blockchain Software As a Service” and is the newest, and potentional to be the largest sector of service based tools in the world.


BaaS (Blockchain as a service) marketplace is a type of application marketplace where customers can go to an online storefront to find, purchase, participate and manage cloud-based BaaS applications and smart contracts.


BaaS solutions will generate revenue close to $105 billion in 2023 alone. Blockchain technology software as a service can surpass the old and outdated SAAS models and can be one of the greatest shift of wealth in the Software sector

EclipCity has more than one site. So do you want to log in,? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Just know that EclipCity is doing everything possible to make things easy. This page will review the platform for you so you can decide if you would join or not.

Eclipcity is the worlds first Blockchain Software and technology platform developing the most advanced FinTech and DEFI ecosystem in the world

EclipCity is the world’s first BAAS MarketPlace that combines and leverages the power of Affiliate Networks with DEFI services, online games, crypto wallet, online banking and much more.

Millions of entrepreneurs and businesses from all over the world can gather and prosper in one place using technology and smart contract protocols & services provides by the Eclipcity Team.

With Eclipcity you can tap into an Unlimited audience, Unlimited growth, sustainable long term projects gathered within a complete and always expanding ecosystem, all supporting the community development, Eclipcity offers a unified training system for all community partners and professional technical support service.

All of this is unique for the EclipCity BaaS Marketplace.

The team behind EclipCity is developing multiple services and projects to see a complete ecosystem on the TRON blockchain.

The EclipCity DEFI services on TRON will be ever expanding to always offer the best and latest innovative DEFI services for everyone to benefit from. We will start with, but not limited to, DEFI services such as DEX (decentralized exchange) , liquidity pool staking for EFT, lending services, assets, derivatives, payments and more.

The ecosystem aims to serve as the first fully decentralized, community governed financial ecosystem.

In the hearth of the Eclipcity Ecosystem lies the unique contract of EclipCity Global, EG acts as a decentralized community support fund that is driven by the community and the Eclipcity Ecosystem together.

EclipCity Login

The introduction of the EclipCity DEFI services will immediately increase the demand for the entire ecosystem due to the already stable foundation and large community that is participating in the ecosystem.

Upcoming DEFI projects to TRON blockchain

USWAP — Uswap DEX with UME token

EFT token staking — Governance token for the EclipCity Ecosystem

DAO/Compound analog

Lending service


EclipCity Team is dedicated to the development of DEFI on TRON, a complete ecocsystem of DEFI services is being developed on TRON

The EclipCity Login Portal is

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