EXCLUSIVE: MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria – Official Website | MMM Nigeria Confirms Lifting of Mavro Limits

EXCLUSIVE: MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria – Official Website and some important details you need to know before joining MMM.

Who is the founder of MMM?
Sergey Mavrodi, a Russian mathematician and Computer Programmer.

When was MMM founded and where?
MMM was founded in 1989 as a registered Cooperative society in Russia, but the new MMM in its current form was formed in 2011.

Why was MMM formed?
Mmm was founded as an answer to the unjust and callous financial order in the world, putting the financial destiny of participants in their own hands as they reach for financial freedom.

Have people ever lost money in the history of MMM?
Yes. In 1994, the Russian government was threatened by the popularity and success of MMM and they clamped down on it seizing over 4 billion Roubles of people’s money. This is the main reason why MMM has stopped the use of any central account today and participants pay directly to each other.

Can the government close down MMM or shut down the website?
No. MMM has no offline offices anyone can close, no central accounts anyone can freeze and the site servers are not hosted in this country so they cannot be shutdown.

What is the strength of MMM?
Regular PH/GH by old and new participants. As long as participants continue to provide help and get help, MMM can last for as long as you want it.

What is the weakness of MMM?
Panic. Financial institutions do not like MMM and they have been known to use the media to create slanderous reports about what we do. If we the participants panic and stop providing help, they got us. But if we refuse to panic, they lose.

What happens in the event of mass panic and people do not provide help but want to get help?
The system goes into a pause mode. Old mavros are paused and their growth stops, no one can get help within that period but provide help requests are welcome. After a few months when the system balances, the pause is lifted and mavros again continue growing and people can get help. Nobody loses any money.

How can you help make MMM Nigeria last long and continue changing lives?
Never let anything u hear or read make u panic. Understand MMM ideology, go over it again and again. Provide help and get help. Bring someone else in to enjoy this with u. Understand that Sergey Mavrodi has provided the platform, the sustainability now depend on our actions and inaction.

Why does it take long sometimes before my PH request got matched?
It’s simply because of the PH/GH imbalance…What’s that? *_It means the number of people that wants to provide help are more than the number of people that wants to get help_*, in other words, many people are on the PH queue which means the system is very healthy. So do not worry because it’s a blessing in disguise…
*your money is already growing in your hands*. But when the order arrives let it meet your pledge in your hands. In case you don’t know, the time for your PH request to be on dispatcher list is +/-35 days.

Can I still PH even when I still get a running PH request?
Yes. You can PH anytime and as many times as you want in as much as you will be able to provide the money when the order comes

When did MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria started?
The historical MMM started in Nigeria in November 15, 2015

Must I wait 30days before I can GH?
No. You can GH anytime you provided, 14days after the confirmation of your PH and you have actually fulfilled your pledge.


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