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Here we will give you details of all necessary information about the upcoming FIRS Recruitment 2018 that will soon commence. This article also covers the job information for FIRS shortlisted candidates and those looking for Firs shortlisted names.
We will also let you know when the FIRS recruitment list for this year 2018 will be release.
According to the FIRS official website, the Federal Inland Revenue Service as part of its consolidation strategies, always want to engage the services of early starters with integrity, drive and desire to win professionally, to strengthen its workforce that is why they will recruit new staffs soon.

FIRS Recruitment 2018 Qualifications for Application

  1. Any applicants who wants to apply for FIRS must have obtained a Bachelor (B.Sc.) or Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in either Geology, Statistics, Law, Accounting, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Computer Science, Economics, or other relevant discipline in the quantitative field of study from an accredited Nigerian University. OR a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computer Science, Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Geology, Statistics, Banking & Finance, or other relevant discipline in the quantitative field from a Nigerian Polytechnic.
  2. FIRS does not accept anyone without computer knowledge, you must be computer literate and conversant with Microsoft office (especially Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point). The applicants must know Internet Web Applications and the use of relevant applications for efficient delivery of service in the office.
  3. The applicants must possess a strong leadership and general management skills
  4. Applicants must be of strong team spirit and have the ability to effectively delegate
  5. Communication is very important because you will be communing with people, so a strong interpersonal and communication skills is required.
  6. You will also need a strong Analytical skills
  7. You are advised to purchase a copy of the Nigerian Tax Laws so that you can have knowledge and appreciation of their application and understanding of the regulatory framework within which the FIRS operates its services in the country;
  8. Any intending applicant must have some knowledge of business/industry environment within which taxpayers operate in Nigeria
  9. Laziness is not allowed in FIRS, so applicants must have the ability to work as a regulator with the courage to ensure full compliance with laws

FIRS 2018 Recruitment Application Requirement(s):

All intending applicants are also to be informed that notwithstanding the position advertised, any of the following requirements below will be an added advantage to the applicant:-
  1. Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in related discipline as mentioned above
  2. Professional Courses: Relevant and recognized professional certification and qualification.


Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) usually considers computer proficiency as one of the key requirement for any person who wants to get a job in the FIRService. Last year, all applicants asked to apply through the internet, and it it believed that in 2018/2019 recruitment process, all aspiring applicants are expected to fill their applications forms online for free.
Note that the FIRS Application forms can ONLY be found at the FIRS official website which is at or Download FIRS Careers Application Form aspx Here The FIRS has not currently stated when the 2018 application portal will be open.
However, it was open in 29th August, last year. Notwithstanding, whenever the portal opens, please do well to follow all the guidelines and instructions on the FIRS website to fill in your application.
You can also fill the forms at any business center or cyber cafe close to you. Do not give anyone money for this application.
NOTICE: Please be informed that only applications from people who falls within the advertised positions would be considered.

When will Federal Inland Revenue Service Recruitment 2018 Application Start and End?

We do not currently know when FIRS will start recruitment for 2018/2019, but we know it will begin very soon. Latest Updates: See when FIRS Recruitment portal will open. The Deadline for submission of FIRS application is usually six (6) weeks from the date the web portal is available online. You have to also know that only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview. We wish you the best as you hunt for a job in Federal Inland Revenue Service.
In our next post, we will update you on the following;
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