Gabola Church International Ministries, Where Members Are Baptized With Beer – Photos

Bishop Tsietsi Makiti is the head of Gabola Church International Ministries, Gabola Church has 500-strong denomination for ‘drinkers’ which holds its Sunday sermons in taverns across Johannesburg.  Gabola Church International Ministries takes its name from the Tswana word for “drinking”, and it both allows and encourages members of the congregation to drink during service.

The 52 year old Bishop Tsietsi Makiti, is the founder of the church and is the brains behind the idea. Due to the beer baptization, Bishop Makiti’s church has witnessed its membership. The church is based in a tavern.

Gabola Church of International Ministries has already attracted a congregation of around 500, Kenyan news site SDE reports, and 2,000 people have been baptized in the church’s signature style.

The name ‘Gabola’ is the Tswana word for drinking. There is only one Gabola Church of International Ministries branch at the moment but the Tsietsi Makiti is looking forward to expanding it further.

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Gabola Church drink beer and praise the Lord at the same time. This is not a joke … this is a space for people to come together in God’s name without being ashamed.

In Gabola Church of International Ministries, if you drink beer, you get baptised in beer. The same goes for those who drink cider and other alcoholic beverages.

The Tsietsi Makiti added that he had received many invitations to start a similar church all pover South Africa.

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