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Who is Givers Alliance?

Givers Alliance is a member to member payment system. It is a platform designed to enable you PROVIDE, and GET HELP for double the amount of your initial donation(i.e if you Provide help with 20 thousand naira, you’ll receive double (40 thousand naira) 20 thousand naira each from two participants).

How Reliable Givers Alliance Is:

Our System is designed on a simple first come first serve basis and also makes it possible for all registered users to give and be given to, there is no central account as donation is made by members to fellow members account.

We believe all registered members have the right to PROVIDE HELP and GET HELP that is how our systems works, thus we have nothing to hide.


Every member of GIVERS ALLIANCE is seen as equal and your issues if any will be treated promptly and efficiently.


Our system has been designed to function at a maximum output for a very long time without downtime.

What you need to do first.

Make sure you have the required amount you need for the package you wish to join.

You are advised to activate online money transfer on your phone or internet banking:

This is to ensure you meet up the specified hours given.

Do not confirm any participant if you have not received payment (alert).

How Givers Alliance Works 

When you register, you will need choose a package from the top menu on the Member area, then click on “PROVIDE HELP”, (BASIC,ULTRA and PREMIUM) from which you will join with either the sum of N20000, N50000 or N100000 respectively and donate to a fellow (GA) member that will be assigned to you immediately by our fully automated system, after which you are to make payment and be confirmed within 8 hours. After confirmation our system will automatically assign 2 other registered members to you within the stipulated time frame for the same package and amount which you joined. e.g (If you join the N20,000 package, upon confirmation, 2 participants will pay N20000 naira each into your bank account, making 100%  return (i.e. 100% of N20000 is N40000, 100% of N50000 is N10000 etc.).
Making Payments


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