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  • Indeed,givers circle is a wonderful and profitable circle that has received commendation by people and helped members a lot as it has come to stay.however,on recommendation, i joined the circle on the 23rd feb,2017 and was matched to pay #20,000 to a member which i did immediately.Then i was expecting to be matched for gh.surprisingly, on the 5th of march,2017 ,i started having issues with logging in into my account due to account verification going on then according to reports.i followed up the prescribed process for the verification to the letters and a verification code was said to have been sent to both my email and phone contact which i did not receive till date.Then i updated my account details this morning as directed and the same claim of having sent a verification code to me was displayed yet nothing was tangible.i therefore, solemnly wish to appeal to the authority/Admin of the giverscircle to pls help me reconcile this issue and retrieve my account.indeed,this is not a plausible development and doesn’t portray confidence and trust to the circle of such a reputable standard,i hope to receive my verification code promptly to assess my account because where you have your money,that is where your mind will always be.thanks and God bless,long giverscircle

  • Iam equally a participant, in which I pH 150,000 so when it’s time for me to Gh I couldn’t have access to my account again till date why it’s so painful.

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