Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement 2021/2022 Latest News Update – Check Now

Here is Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement 2021 Update as regards to when Golden Bridge 2021 grant disbursement will commence. There’s a whole lot happening now that concerns upcoming Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement 2021 exercise which we are going to reveal to you so read through.

Golden Bridge Grant Beneficiaries account opening is now ongoing. Don’t be left out at this point. Golden bridge team are At the final stage of our disbursement. Send us a message now
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We’re going to give you the complete Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement 2021 news update. You’ll see the up-to-date information
Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Loan Registration 2021 news update.

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Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement BOARD RESOLUTION

Fellow Leaders,
The Board has resolved as follows:


Our Beneficiary Enrolment Accounts are opened at Zero balance. The fact that our account minimum operating balance is N20 by Goblec-Providus Bank MOU, does not change the fact that these accounts are opened at Zero Balance. All over the world, no Savings Account operates at a Zero Balance; only Current Accounts have that feature because they are debited for every transaction by default. As such, we have resolved to retain Providus Bank as our settlement bank in the program without compromise.

2) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement COST OF ATM CARDS

In compliance with standard financial regulations as obtained in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we shall continue to issue our Prepaid ATM Cards at the cost of N1,000 only (exclusive of Logistic charges).

3) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement ACCOUNT LOGISTIC CHARGES

The running cost BVN Validation, transaction SMS alerts and software maintenance has been revised and adjusted downwards to be only N150 per account.

4) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement ACCOUNT BALANCES

There shall be an additional N50 to cover non- withdrawable balance of N20 and a withdrawable balance of N30 per account, to provide for possible running charges transaction charges.

5) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement BVN COLLECTION

Beneficiary Accounts can now be opened without an initial BVN attachment. In that case, any participant in this community project who prefers to attach his/her BVN personally, can still get an account number, but the account cannot be active until he or she attaches his/her BVN and updates the account. The bank has provided us a personalized API to enable such persons visit our financial app personally and attach their BVN to their accounts, after the account has been opened.

6) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement GOLDEN BRIDGE RUNNING COST

Golden Bridge and every Partnering NGO shall finance its own administrative expenses from its internally generated funds and shall not from ATM Account Logistics. Hence, the N200 for GOBLEC and N100 for NGOs which were formerly added to Logistic cost are hereby removed. The cost of ATM and Account Logistics is now N1,200 only. No one should add anything to it.

7) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement GOBLEC/NGO OPERATING COST

As corporate entities registered as member-based Incorporated Trustees, every NGO/Coop has legal rights to raise operational expenses from its members for their common projects. As such, GOBLEC advises each Partnering NGO/Coop to source administrative cost of this project from its internal concerns, in agreement with its stakeholders, to foot the bills of its volunteer Directors, Coordinators and Unit Managers within the system. This will save us much embarrassment and position the program better for uninterrupted success.


Due to the downward adjustment of ATM Card and Logistics Charges and, the little time phrame left to tidy up our disbursement system, GOBLEC calls on all NGOs to stop Unit Managers from opening further beneficiary accounts. Let all Unit Beneficiary Enrolment Forms (Account Opening Forms) be submitted to GOBLEC on or before next Tuesday, 31/06/2021.
The beneficiary data sheet must be in MS Excel and in the proper template made available for it. Then, send to the gmail account which GOBLEC opened for your NGO some weeks ago. Each email must bear
a. the name of the Unit Manager(s) whose data sheet are attached there
b. the Unit’s name and
c. the evidence of N1,200 payment for ATM Cards and Account Logistics.

9) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement RECONCILIATION OF BALANCES

All those whose accounts were created at the previous charge of N1,500 shall be refunded N300 each on the course of the exercise. Their refunds shall be credited to their various accounts.


It remains the duty of authorized Unit Managers to attach and dispense ATM Cards with active accounts. While GOBLEC Officers help them out with beneficiary enrolment processes, let the Unit Managers work hand in hand with Directors to ensure that Beneficiaries are assessed correctly and that proper amounts are requested for projects.
Each Assessment Form should be returned to N
GO Leaders for onward submission to GOBLEC.
Unit Managers shall still have the exclusive reserve of editing or/and adding more beneficiaries to the Unit from their end, but in strict consultation and approval with Directors, on behalf of the NGO Leader. Everything should be documented and submitted to the NGO Leader for contingencies.

11) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement UNIT MANANGER TRAINING FEES BALANCE

All unpaid Unit Manager Training fees shall now be reduced to N4,800 because of the N300 reduction, please. Kindly refund them N300 on all yet to be remitted Training Fees.

12) Golden Bridge Grant Disbursement CUG LINES

GOBLEC has received the first 15,000 pieces of CUG Sim cards from GLO. Kindly visit Abuja office or send a verifiable delegate to pick up your NGO’s lines.
Thanks and remain blessed

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