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Has MBA Forex Investment Crashed? See MBA Forex Latest News Today. Here you will find out now if MBA Forex Investment Crashed or not. The question of the day in everyone’s mind who made investments with MBA Forex investment platformhas it finally crashed? Or are they coming back as they promised”?  If you’re an investor on MBA Forex or looking for MBA Forex Latest News Today then you’re at the right place. So read further to find out now.
MBA may be passing through a phase but MBA CANNOT CRASH because it is NOT a Ponzi scheme.

Kindly ignore all sponsored rumors and focus on what is essential. We are all excited about the New-MBA, hope you are too.

We are gearing towards self-service at your convenience. Relax as you are about to enjoy a hassle-free Return on Investment.
All ROI’s will be paid as earlier stated and the New MBA we all wish for will definitely come to full manifestation.
Once again, we sincerely apologies for all inconveniences we caused all our esteemed investors as we kindly plead that you bear with us as we work tirelessly to resolve all issues.
For the past few months, MBA Forex Investment has been a bit of hope to the people who invested in it to help them achieve a few things they wished for in life, while for some, they did just to help the daily expenses of life due to the effect of the pandemic which leads to many losing their jobs and others having no means to go out in search of daily bread because of the lockdown imposed on them.
Also, we recently discovered huge search results as regards to ”Why MBA Forex Investment isn’t paying any more” via our Google Search Console.

About MBA Forex Investment

MBA Trading and Capital Investment Limited is a world class Forex Training and Capital Investment Company, established with the vision of impacting the general populace with the knowledge of trading Forex and creating platforms that will bring about sustainable financial freedom.

With over 10 thousand active investors, more than 10 business locations in Nigeria and our new offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK), we are determined to provide an all-encompassing investment service to our clients that accommodate their various needs.

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MBA Forex Latest News Today @ www.mbatrades.com

We made promises we didn’t keep and we sincerely apologise for it. At the same time, we are confident of the result thereafter.
Payments will resume fully on the 1st of December.
Nov 1st will be paid Dec 1st
Nov 2nd will be paid Dec 2nd
and 3rd will be paid Dec 3rd
Till the end.
One month will be added to your existing plan to make up for the month of November that wasn’t paid.
We apologies for all this as we understand the pressure and inconveniences we have caused everyone.
Count Down Begins for the launch of the new MBA. 9 Days to Go!

From the information gathered from our representative has it that MBA Forex is currently on what they claim as Christmas break, leaving there investors broke. Although they gave date of reopening of there offices which is on 5th of January 2021. Text message where also sent to all MBA members telling them of their closure for year 2020 and to resume work again by 2021. So we urge all MBA Forex Investors to keep hope alive and watch out what will happen next.

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Before the investment, people were advised to invest with extra cash and not with money planned for school fees, house rent, e.t.c.
We were made to understand that the platform had a challenge of scammers hacking into people’s accounts, uploading of fake pops (proof of payment), system glitchesblocked accountsguiders not being able to guide their downlines very wellconfirmation of payments when they’ve not received payments, e.t.c. All of these led to the greatest challenges facing the platform.
The platform through its admins on telegram has been keeping hopes alive for those who still choose to hope on the platform for a great comeback, the platform is still registering new members, and payments are still ongoing for new members, withdrawal of bonuses still ongoing.

But the big question is, when are they coming back ? will they ever come back? let’s analyze these together:

1. Who is going to Invest: We all know that it’s a peer to peer investment platform and if people don’t invest, people won’t withdraw. But we are Nigerians and people love the platform better than others out there. When people finally get to be assured that the platform is back, they’ll invest, trust me, this is Nigeria. And those who are waiting to cash out will cash out, and they’ll have to recommit to cash out again and the system will get a balance once again.

Is MBA Forex Investment Legit or Scam?

Let’s see…

1. The founders are known. Therefore, every investor will won’t loose their funds when the platform crashes.

2. You must not recommit before you can withdraw ripe investments. This means that the platform runs on the deposits of investors.

It also means that investors will never withdraw some of the money they deposit.

3. Remember the information on their website says the platform was launched in 2019? I did a search on Whois Lookup and discovered the website was registered in October 2019.

Take a look:


Any framework can bomb however we are going to acknowledge the obvious issues here. This is the reason I said any framework can fizzle. Produce a peep at the results of the ongoing Lockdown on considerable associations. A great deal of come up short confirmation frameworks really bombed when individuals couldn’t drive to their work environments. Truly, some remote employments were done however even organizations like the CAC couldn’t process business enlistments. 
Haven’t received an email yet from MBA FOREX INVESTMENT?
A large number of emails were wrong addresses.
If you have not received an email, kindly visit your branch and submit your correct email address.
For More Information You Can Call: +2347000002000 OR Email: support@mbatrades.com. Office Address: Suite C201, Plot 1245 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent,Wuse 2, Abuja, FCT
From researches gathered, we learned that MBA Forex Investment has lasted from 2019 till date, and compared to other platforms, they still remain the best, but my advises will be that we trade with caution when investing in a scheme like these, and remove hope from MBA Forex Investment so we don’t think too much to affect our health. If they eventually come back, it will be a piece of good news to everyone but they don’t, then we move on with life.
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