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How Get Canada PR Visa In 6 Months and Canada Visa Fee Schedule 2018



Canada PR Visa (permanent resident) is a type of visa given to a non-citizen who is the holder of a permanent visa. With permanent resident visa you can live, work and study without restriction in Canada.

Thousands of immigration seekers aspire to move in Canada to work and live with their families.  Here you will find out if you actually qualify for Fast Canada PR Visa, Now!

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Only prospective immigrants with enough Express Entry points will be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency
Canada Visitor visa (including super visa) or extend your stay in Canada. To be eligible you are to pay the maximum fee of about $500 (in Canadian dollars): family members are to apply at the same time and same place.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Fee Schedule

Permanent Resident Visas
Family Class applicants
Transit Visa (for less than 48 hours in Canada) $500
Transit Visa for (minos in less than 48 hours in Canada) Free
Extension of Authorization to stay in Canada as a visitor (temporary resident)

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To apply for Canada PR Visa, you need to follow a point based immigration system. If you wish to confirm your eligibility for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada,  The online registration also require you to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of $85 CAD which covers the CVAC service charge for application handling.


There are many different categories for professionals and workers under which will enable you to get Canada permanent resident visa, including the Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker programs, the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Canadian Experience Class, the Quebec Experience Class.

To be eligible of you to apply as a permanent resident under the Canadian Experience Class you must have at least 12 months of full-time (or an equal amount in part-time) skilled work experience in Canada in three years before you register.

Qualification for Canada PR Visa and Canada Visa Work Permit

Factor Final
EXPERIENCE (NOC Skill Level O,A,B) Max. 15
One year* *Minimum threshold required to apply 9
Two to three years 11
Four to five years 13


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