How To Apply For 2017 Ghana Police Service Recruitment –

How To Apply For 2017 Ghana Police Service Recruitment – The Ghana Police Service has, since its inception been in the frontline of the criminal justice system of Ghana. It is clearly, the most visible arm of government as the symbol of law and order, to the people.  The Police Service Act 1970, Act350 spells out the core functions of the service as follows:

  1. To Protect life and Property,
  2. They Are To prevent and detect crime,
  3. To apprehend and prosecute offenders,
  4. To maintain public order,
Guidelines For filling AMA Form
a)   When any persons desire to marry under the ordinance within the Accra Metropolis, one of the couple to the intended marriage would have to give notice of the marriage at the Marriage registry of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly for twenty one (21) days.
The Notice is to afford the public the opportunity to raise any questions on the intended notice of marriage.
Information needed for the Notice are :-
Husband & Wife, Name, Age, Occupation, H/No.
b)   If no impediment or any other lawful hindrance is raised by any one against the marriage within the 21 days of notice of marriage, the registrar then issues a certificate to the couple to enable them to go ahead and celebrate the marriage at any registered place of their choice.  
These include the Registrar Generals Department.  Any licensed church, or at the premises of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.  The registrations Certificate however expires three months from the date notice is given.
c)   If a couple decides to sign the marriage certificate at the premises of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, the Registrations Certificate is presented to the registry on a Monday of the week in which the ceremony is intended and the signing is then performed on Saturday at the same week.
Price for AMA :-
Notice of marriage    GH¢7.70
Registration Certificate GH¢14.30
Signing Ceremony  GH¢33.00
Total        GH¢55.00
*Rates are subject to review yearly via the fee fixing resolution.
d)  Notice to Applicants:
1. Applicants below the ages of 16 years must go to the AMA office for their registration.
2. Applicants between the ages of 16 and 18 years will need a consent from a family member to complete their registration.
3. Providing false information can lead to prosecution under the laws of Ghana.
e)   Consent Provider must be above 18 years. If you provide false information, you will be liable to legal actions as per the law.


Steps to follow after downloading the Vetting form;

  1. Enter applicant’s First name and Middle name followed by the Surname in the relevant fields.
  2. Enter applicant’s occupation.
  3. DOB (Date of Birth) followed by Gender.
  4. Enter applicant’s lace of birth, Region and Country of birth.
  5. Applicant’s Passport No.  Followed by DI (Date of Issue), PI (Place of Issue) & ED (Expiry Date) of the Passport.
  6. Enter the name of applicant’s Father.
  7. Enter the name of applicant’s Mother.
  8. Applicant’s Home Town followed by Region and Country.
  9. Enter at least two schools applicant attended in Ghana. Beginning with the most recent.
  10. Enter applicant’s contact address. If Nominal please enter overseas address.
  11. Applicant’s Telephone No.  followed by Fax No. and E-mail address.


  1. Enter full name of person who will collect the Certificate on behalf of applicant.
  2. Occupation of the witness
  3. Contact Address of the witness
  4. Telephone No. followed by Fax No. & E-mail address of witness
  5. signature/Thumbprint of witness


* Applicants must attach recent passport picture and photocopy of the passport (pages where the picture & other Bio-data are found) before submitting the  application.

* Applicants would be scheduled to be at the CID Headquarters for their fingerprints as well as photograph. The 2017 Ghana Police Service Recruitment is meant for Ghana Citizens residing within the country.

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