How To Clean E16 Error On Dstv & GoTV After Renewing With Zoto App

This is steps by step guide on how to clean E16 error on Dstv & GoTv after renewing it with Zoto App. The E16 error notification you notice on your TV is usually as a result of an expired subscription. It only becomes a problem when you still see the E16 error message despite the fact that you have an active subscription. Right?

The real reason why this happens is usually because when you make your payments, there’s the possibility that your decoder is turned off- and if that’s the case, activating the subscription might be delayed. Hence the E16 error. Thankfully DSTV & GOTV have both made available a few quick fixes to get your issue solved ASAP.

You can clear it up by following the methods

First , before attempting any methods…

The very first thing, before trying to solve your E16 problem, is to make sure your smartcard is properly inserted in and your decoder is turned on.

Method One: Send a text

You simply have to text.

  • On DSTV send “RESET [Smartcard Number] to 30333”
  • On GOTV send RESET [IUC number] to 4688

It should look like this:

Method Two: Get Online

From any device; Click this link to get to Dstv’s Easy portal

Once there. 1. Enter your Smartcard number

2. Enter the captcha

3. Click “Clear error code”

Just the same, you can access GoTV’s Eazy portal

Once there. 1. Enter your IUC number

2. Enter the captcha

3. Click “Clear error code

Method Three: Make a call

This method is only important if 1 & 2 both fail, frankly they shouldn’t.

But if they do…

Call the DSTV Hotlines: 012703232 , 08039003788

Call the GoTV Hotlines: 08039044688

Any of these methods you apply to solve your E16 error will be effected almost immediately. So go ahead, make your payments from Zoto, and if the E16 still shows, well, we’ve shown you what to do, now you can teach someone else a thing or two.

Bonus method for GoTV

Email IUC number to and request reactivation, you should get an email response instantly.

Personally, I have tried it and it works!

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