How To Creat Account/Login on Loopers Club Earn 200% in 14 Days Via

How To Creat Account/Login on Loopers Club – Loopers Club happens to be the latest peer to peer community  platform.


Here we will guide you on how to register and gets 200% of your investment within two (2) weeks on loopers club Nigeria.

 Loopers Club is just a free social network platform where people come together to render help to those that needs help.

With  Loopers Club you gets 200% (two) of what you invested into the system within 7-14 days. Loopers Club works like TwinKas as we all know that with Twinkas you can get 200% of the donation you make in a few days and what makes the system unique is that you don’t have to refer or to invite your friends to the system before you

Packages on  Loopers Club to select when registering

  • N5,000 package -> to get N10,000 (N5K from 2 participant)
  • N10,000 package -> to get N20,000 (N10K from 2 participant)
  • N20,000 package -> to get N40,000 (N20K from 2 participant)
  • N50,000 Package -> to get N100,000 (N50K from 2 participant)
  • N100,000 Package-> to get N200,000 (N100K from 2 participant)
  • N200,000 Package-> to get N400,000 (200K from 2 participant)

Please Note that you can not repeat same package after completing a cycle.

On or before you processed to make payment try and contact recipient for confirmation of the payment.


What makes Loopers Club unique?

Loopers Club is just member to member donation platform that you choose a package that fits you and invest, after one or two weeks you get back doubled your capital.

How To Creat Account/Login on Loopers Club:

To register visit and click on sign up link and fill your details as required.   

Why you should give Loopers Club a try.

Loopers Club website is new which is one of the things to consider and the Loopers Club website is well secured.

TwinKas has come with the promise to pay within 21 days and Loopers 14 days so do the maths…

On Loopers Club there are so many packages which you can select from.

Important Note: this website does not in any way relate with, we only enlightening you with information you need to no as a user of

Please we will also advice you to participate with your spare money cause of the much traffic such site gets which will result break down of the site and will took time to recover and in that case you mighty loose your money.

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