How To Create Account On PledgersHub, Login And Register –

How To Create Account On PledgersHub, Login And Register – PledgersHub is just online money exchange and financial social network community.  PledgersHub is a global community that connect it’s users with access to internet and with a minimum of 20,000NGN or more qualify to earn an incentive of (30%) percentage within 48hrs to 7days based on supply and demand state. The system is designed based on latest technology with p2p concept.

  • Maybe You Have Asked Yourself

    Can I afford my DREAM HOUSE in the next 5 years with my current salary?
    Is my savings enough for my children’s EDUCATION?
    How will I prepare for an early and COMFORTABLE RETIREMENT?
    What has been the things that I must do today, so I can ENJOY LIFE more in time to come?

    Now the answer is PledgersHub Join Now and you will never regret.

    How PledgersHub Works

    1. Create an Account

    You are required to provide a valid email address, phone number and username. PledgersHub strongly kick against multiple accounts.

    2. Reserve & Fulfil Pledge

    Help another users waiting on the benefactor’s list, pledge and fulfill your pledges. members are expected to fulfill pledges within 6 hours , otherwise, you will be sanctioned. If you don’t have the money please don’t pledge.

    3. Reap the Reward of Giving

    Once your payment is confirmed your name will automatically be on the benefactor’s list on maturity. Maturity period is between 48 hours and 1 Week after fulfilling your pledge.

    PledgersHub Referral Commission:

    With pledgersHub their is more for all member, you earn a commission of $15 on Pledge amount of all your referrals. Bonus is added the second and third time your referrals fulfill his or her pledges.

    With PledgersHub No Payment Delay:

    All things on PledgersHub works strictly with time. Pledgers are under strict time constraint to fulfill their pledges.

    ON PledgersHub No Confirmation Delay:

    The platform has an inbuilt SMS notification system that will notify the benefactors when you fulfill your pledge. And benefactors are been mandate to confirm received pledges in less than 2 hours of receiving pledge.

    Please Note: does not in any way relate with, what we do is to educate users of on how to access the portal. In any of the platform like this we advice you test them first and please use your spare money because many have loose their money in so many on the Internet.

    How To Create Account On PledgersHub:

    To create account on PledgersHub visit then click on Sign Up and fill your data as required.

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