How To Download AY 10 Days In Sun City 2017 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

How To Download AY 10 Days In Sun City 2017 – AY Makun’s 10 Days In Sun City offers nothing new and would be forgotten in a jiffy. A few laughs here and there, but nothing concrete to hold on to.

10 Days In Sun City is the best movie have seen from Africa in a long time. Is there any word like OVER-SUPER? Wowwww. But what annoy me brothers is that you can only watch the movie only in the Cinema. It is suppose launch everywhere.

10 Days In Sun City

The movie already begins at the entrance of the cinema, with a lineup of people bent on standing for 10 days and under the sun of the city, if need be, just to see this comedy-drama film.

It is incredible how people queue up about an hour before every show, and more people keep trooping in to get their tickets in advance. And to think this was the least marketed of all Ayo ‘AY’ Makun‘s films?

When, eventually, the real film begins, we are taken to Lagos, Nigeria and reminded of Monica (or Ese) from 30 Days in Atlanta.

Monica is Akpors’ cousin’s ex-girlfriend who was determined to marry him at all costs. According to her, she moved to Lagos three years ago (the calculation doesn’t seem to add up as she was still in Warri at the time, but benefit of the doubt, people).

Akpors brings his new girlfriend, Bianca, to Monica’s house from Warri, to prepare her for a beauty pageant. Monica is wealthy from getting in bed with rich men, and as soon as she attempts to influence Bianca into this lifestyle, Akpors leaves her place for his friend’s, Seyi, from where Bianca goes for the pageant and ultimately wins as queen of Nigeria.

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One thing AY gets right in 10 Days in Sun City is the casting. From the first scene, it is a laughter fest with Mercy Johnson who plays Monica. Next is Ali Baba and we laugh some more, but then Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana comes on the scene as Seyi, and we are nearly choking, holding our chests and trying to not fall over with laughter.

In 10 Days in Sun City, Akpors’ jokes are funnier, and thankfully, the jokes wrap themselves around the movie, and not the other way around.

The 10 Days in Sun City visuals are lovely to behold, and the few foreign actors put up a good show.

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