How to Get 2019/2020 NECO Examination Questions & Answers | Theory/OBJ Answers

How to Get 2019/2020 NECO Examination Questions & Answers – NECO was introduced by former Head of State Abdulsalami Abubakar in the year 1999.  It was the first Federal organization to offer subsidized registration to academic candidates in Nigeria.

How to Excel In 2019 NECO Examination 

Listed below are the steps you should take to excel in this year’s NECO Examination.
  1. When You enter the examination hall sit quietly in your chair.
  2. Put your head in your table and pray for God’s favour.
  3. Reverse your Exam question paper when you are told to do so before answering the questions.
  4. Write your name and examination number as instructed in the examination.
  5. Do not rush and ask question in any area you don’t understand.
  6. Read the questions slowly so that you can understand it very well.
  7. Think of the past question & Answer that you have studied before the exam.
  8. Make sure you tick the correct answer.
  9. Do not use Biro to shade the objectives, use pencil to tick the objective questions  .
  10. Carefully select the theory question you can answer from the list of questions.
  11. Answer them accurately without disturbing any body and please do not let anyone distract you.
  12. Cross check all the questions and answers you have written already.
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