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Do you want something more stable this year 2017? Why not save your cash to sign up on Wednesday once is launched.

Features On

1. DEDICATED SERVER will be hosted on a dedicated server which has the capacity to contain over two (2) million active users on the website, yet it would be running smoothly. Hence, there won’t be any need you incessant breaks for server upgrade, once we are on we are set for serious business because we have come to stay and to serve you better.

2. SECURITY is a secured domain and it’s database has a profound end-to-end encryption. Your data is safe in the site free from external influences. The domain is hack-proof.

3. *CYBER BEGGING has carefully mapped out means to do away with cyber beggars. Each sponsor has the *confirm* button- to activate paid downlines- and *delete user* button to outrightly delete cyber beggars at a click. Also the beggar also has the option of removing his/herself from a sponsor’s downline by simply clicking *cancel payment*. That way cyber beggars wouldn’t have to stall sponsors’ payment time,and when they are deleted the sponsor would be rematched immediately. Also, downlines who do not make payment within 2hrs would be blocked automatically and their sponsor be reassigned a new downline. These strict measures are put in place to curb nonchalant attitude in the system and streamline the participants to serious members only.

4. ACTIVE SUPPORT has a standby support active 24/7 to give prompt response to users’ problems and challenges and address them accordingly in order to provide a fulfilling service to its members.

5. QUICK AUTO PAIRING has adopted an exceptionally different matching matrix which ensures fast pairing of *Confirmed* users. Hence, you wouldn’t wait endlessly to be matched or rematched.

6. MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather it is a simple system built with the intention of sustaining it for efficient peer to peer donations over a very long time. It is built on the ideology that it’s members should be serious goal oriented individuals who are determined to donate and help each other achieve specific life goals and MAINTAIN A STEADY SOURCE OF INCOME. As such the system is designed on a 1 man 1 account policy. This is to ensure that the system is sustained on the long run.
However, within 1 account you can donate 3times maximum.

HOW IT WORKS works on the basis of 2:1 matrix in which you receive 100% ROI of invested amount. When you put a token of *#50,000* to a sponsor and your account is confirmed,on or before 24hours you’ll be matched with 2 participants to donate #50,000 each to you, once you PH #50,000 and GH *#100,000*.

Summary of

No need for referral
2:1 pairing matrix
100% Return On income
Active Support
Delete user button
Dedicated Server

*Get 100% of your help rendered in few hours.*

*Pls don’t waste your money anymore,just be patient till * Wednesday by 6am  okay, this is a breakthrough against all unserious people and all BEGGARS.

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