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Inksnation Pinkoin Portal is still open for registration. Firstly before i begin to show you How to Register On Inksnation Pinkoin platform & Make ₦75,000 To ₦150,000 Monthly Using Inksnation Pinkard, you must have already purchased a membership plan and also have done your KYC and printed and also activated your pinkard. If you haven’t done that, then do reach out to me so I can get your registered now.
You can call the on 08189549604 OR Reach the agent via WhatsApp on 08189549604 for registrations(whatsapp only). 

Thereafter, you will be credited with ₦75,000 registration slots to your pinkard which you will then use to start registering people

and then return ₦25,000 back to the system and you keep the remaining ₦55,000 for yourself.

So I will unravel how that can be done from start to finish on this article but if you have not registered yet then I strongly recommend this article I put together on how to get started with that and also some pretty interesting stuffs along with the article,so do check that out before proceeding with this one.

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What is Inksnation Pinkoin? 

Inksnation Pinkoin is a Digital currency or a Cryptocurrency which was lunched in Nigeria by one  Mr. Omotade Amos, who is the CEO of IBSmartify Nigeria. Pinkcoin is a blockchain-based digital asset designed to support Charities and Non-Profit organizations, and encourage community participation.

What is Inksnation PINKCARD?

Inksnation PINKCARD is an ATM Card that gives one Access to the use of a New soon-to-be Launched Cryptocurrency Called PINKOINS.

The First Blockchain Based Donation Fundraising Platform. Why Pink? $PINK is the universal color of compassion. Micro Tip, Macro Impact. #Pinkcoin #Donate4Life. Always innovating ways to donate, all the time. Try out today!

The History Of Pinkcoin (PINK)

Pinkcoin was fair launched on May 2nd, 2014, by a developer on BitcoinTalk named Bigman. For the first 7 days of its inception PINK was PoW only, afterwards it became a standard PoS altcoin with an annual staked return of around 1-2%. Although Pinkcoin was largely generic on the inside, strong community leaders emerged who saw great potential in developing Pinkcoin on the outside, and began building a brand behind PINK.

Pinkcoin (PINK) Price Today?

Pinkcoin price today is $0.00259722 with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,316.17. PINK price is down -1.5% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 450 Million coins and a max supply of 500 Million coins. Bittrex is the current most active market trading it. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as and Additional information can be found at

How do I make money with Inksnation Pinkoin?

1. Inksnation Pinkoin as at the time of writing this post is over $1200 & lots of people are getting involved. The Good news is you can get up to 5PKN’s for just N1000.

Once you buy your Pinkoin, you will get your Unique PINKARD & with this PINKARD, you stand to earn BIG Monthly

How to register a new member on How to Register On Inksnation Pinkoin Portal using paying directly or Pay4Me from the person’s account. 

In other to simplify the use of inksnation pinkard for registration of new members, inksnation introduced pay4me and pay directly from the person’s account.

If you want to be a part of the Community, you should register on the official inksnation pinkard website or by one of Agent. Full details on How to register in inksnation?

Fill the registration form as shown on screenshot: Visit OR for registration
(Fields marked with * are required)
Enter your name (or a nickname).
Enter your e-mail (preferable mailbox is
and then enter your mobile phone number
Create your password
Retype created password
Necessarily read the WARNING and check the box that you accept it.
Click on “Registration in Pinkoin” button.

Once you have completed all required fields there will be a congratulation message on your screen. And also instructions what to do next:

Go to Personal Office’s website.
Read about how to successfully participate in Pinkoin.

Go to this link And register.

NOTE: Pinkard is only for members who are ready to use it to bring in new members and have received the initial capital of ₦70,000 on the pinkard after activation.

These are members that are ready to make over ₦50,000 to ₦150,000 every month before August 2020 and the process is initiated to speed up the journey to a poverty free Nigeria and financial inclusion for ensuring swift registration process for the ongoing poverty eradication scheme for Nigeria.

Kids, old people and members who are not ready to do the humanitarian work of using pinkard to bring in new members are advised to keep their pinkard without activating it till September 2020.

Inksnation Pinkoin Portal Blockchain Platform

Pinkcoin’s blockchain is secured by it’s dual PoS + FPoS system.

How To Use Pay4Me

Enter on your web address and then login to your inksnation account by entering your login details, Once you’ve gained access to your dashboard, locate “Pay4Me” from your dashboard and click on it then it will show you some drop down items then proceed further to filling in the persons details correctly such as membership plan, beneficiary username, card number, wallet ID, expiration date and card pin.


Choose the membership plan of either Bronze, Gold, Silver or Diamond in which the new member is interested in.

Beneficiary username:

This is the beneficiary username of the person to be paid for, the username must be filled correctly.

Card number:

Enter the card number of your pinkard which you can easily locate at the front page of your pinkard.

NOTE: only use your personal pinkard because other people’s pinkard will not work here.

How To Register Directly From The Person’s Account 

Visit the insknation website  at  and click on sign up to register a new member, once the registration is done then payment option will pop up on the screen for you to choose a membership plan and pay with pinkard.

So you pick a plan of either bronze, silver, gold or diamond and select pay with pinkard after which you have inputted your card number, wallet ID, card expiration date and pin you will then click on pay which will automatically deduct the exact amount from your pinkard according to the exact amount chosen and the new member will be funded automatically and always make sure you collect your cash from whoever you are paying for with your pinkard.

How To Activate Insknation Pinkard via Inksnation Pinkoin Portal

Hey, you want to activate your pinkard and be an inksnation agent?

Firstly, login to your Inksnation account and then click on the menu pop up bar and locate “pinkard”.


Donate4Life is a dynamic fundraising pool for charities. Coins generated by Donate4Life are distributed to Charities and Non Profits that we have partnered with.

How To Verify Your Inksnation Account

Why is important you verify your account today is that without your account been verified you are not earning, until your account is fully verified. So follow the steps below:

1. Exchangers click on the KYC button & fill the details correctly also wait to get certified 

2. End user click on KYC button select state of residence & pick an exchangers location close to you 

You can even verify August 12th & still collect your funds immediately. 

Also we have two web based online exchangers rushing to meetup August 12th that’s to say you will be able to withdraw online directly & they are ready to sacrifice 1 – 3 million NAIRA daily for exchange. We will be announcing the link soon 

It means that if the 1M per day finishes then you still go to ur physical exchangers

NOTE: Listing Bounty has been increased; once $PINK is listed on @ATAIXcom

, 200,000 PINK will be distributed evenly among all votes. Vote for #Pinkcoin now: No one is allowed to charge above or even below the specific amount  for the membership plans.

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