Important Update To All NYSC 2018 Batch ‘B’ Members | Required Items For NYSC Orientation Camp 2018

This is Important update to all NYSC 2018 Batch ‘B’ members that has successfully registered online. After submitting your data online, login again to your NYSC dashboard,click on course correction. Check your mobilization status,if it shows mobilized,then you are in stream 1. This is for those that have registered please also forwarded this to others.

Listed below are the list of things that you will need for the 3weeks
NYSC Orientation Camp…..
1. Call up letter(Original & 10 Photocopies ).
2. School I D card( Original & 10 Photocopies ).
3. Notification of Result ( Original & 10 Photocopies ).
4. Passport photographs ( About 10-15 copies ).
5. Stationery e.g pen, Jotter for lectures, stapler & tippex.
(Note:- The 1st 4 are for registration&do not laminate your call-up letter pls)
6. Round necked white T shirt at least 3
7. White shorts at least 2
8. Plain white sneakers/tennis shoes(rubber) (1)
9. White socks at least 2pairs
10. Mosquito treated net (to guide your belongings)
11. Basic drugs panadol,paracetamol,etc (not necessary because it will be available at the NYSC clinic).
12. Padlocks
13. Waist pouch
14. Beverages
15. Dettol, bath soap&Detergents (if you don’t wanna spend for washing)
16.Towel&face towel
17. A pair of slippers
18. Bedsheets
19. Flashlight (Torchlight phone)
20. Food flask, bowl and cup
21. Sunglasses
22. Extra phone batteries and charger
23. Cash from N10,000 upward (if you want to enjoy Maami Market)

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