InksNation Account Activation/BVN Verification & How to Withdraw Your Money From InksNation to Your Bank Account

Have you done your InksNation Account Activation/BVN Verification? Do you want to find out Withdraw Your Money From InksNation Account to Your Nigerian Bank Account? or want to see how inksnation pays you, all this and more will be what you’re going to find out here. Pinkoin ATM is out, what are you waiting rush now. Register and become a merchant while promo last.

Are you still doubting inksnation because of what others are saying?
Remember bitcoin had a tough time but now everyone now know its worth.
Why not give it a try now before it becomes more expensive just as bit coin..

REASON FOR InksNation Account Activation/BVN Verification

Inksnation fintech/mfbank purchase and integration

The essence of the BVN verification is the Inksnation buying of a financial technological company in Switzerland and a micro finance bank in Nigeria for the ease of payment/converting your Pinkoin to naira straight into your bank account. and since your bank account is now involved, so also is the need of BVN to supply bank info and at the same time verify and screen multiple accounts.

Imagine having your 120k, 180k, 300k etc, directly into your bank account every month, how will life feel like?

this is exactly what Inksnation is working on and you shall forever be glad you were a part of this project, you only need to exercise some patience and bring in everyone you know while there is still time, it is very important you deliver a soul from poverty today which is the Inksnation dream and god bless you as you do.

How to Withdraw Your Money From InksNation to Your Bank Account

Many have been asking how they can withdraw directly from Inksnation to their Bank account. This has been made essay, as Inksnation has acquired one of the Nigerian bank which is to now be their official bank for withdrawal and other transactions as stated.

Integration how withdral from your inksnation acoount to your bank account is still in process and the procedure on How to Withdraw Your Money From InksNation to Your Bank Account  will be released soon. So stay tune.

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InksNation Special Announcement All Members!!

This is to notify all inks that we have few hours left for verification of any account with unverified user tag.

If your dashboard still shows ‘unverified users’ kindly locate any exchanger near you for the printing of your pinkard and verification of your account as soon as possible before 11:59pm on 11th November 2020 .

World’s First Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency Pinkoin hits 1 PKN @ $20,000

Failure to verify your account before 12th November may leads to no salary for the month of November for you..

So tell your family and friends to do the necessary before 12th Nov.

*and don’t forget to inform your family and friends to join Inksnation on or before 11th November to avoid late registration and higher activation fee.*

Remember activation continues.

Dm for fast activation and verification.



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