Inksnation DAO Foundation Portal Login and How to Recover Your Forgotten Inksnation Password @ Inksnation Portal

Get Financial Support from Inksnation Dao Foundation Portal Login. Inksnation DAO Foundation are strategically distributing Blockchain Money to the Masses to reduce or eradicate poverty within a short time in NIGERIA. InksNation is using Blockchain Technology to Reduce or totally Eradicate Poverty and Unemployment in Nigeria. Over 1,000,000 Nigerians are already benefited.
Our Native Reserve Coin called PinKoin will pay every single Nigerian, African and Human being on earth including babies born everyday a minimum of N120,000 ($330) monthly for life as UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income).

Login Sign up … Philanthropic Blockchain (InksLedger) which is the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO (InksNation) that can end poverty in any country in less than a year…

Who is the Founder of Inksnation

InksNation as Started is mission of digital currency. In case you have been wondering the brain behind Inksnation, then read further. IBsmartify is the CEO and founder of InksNation, he has also written an Open letter to EFCC that with InksNation program he can Eradicate Poverty in Nigeria.

How Does Inksnation Work

Let us try as much as possible to make sure we get all our family onboard. Inksnation has gone beyond doubts. Register now its 1k, 10k, 100k because  once its (12am on 12th of September)  it will no longer be this amount again…it will  change to  3k,30k,300k….doubting Thomas will definitely cry had i known at last. 12th of September (12am midnight) take note.

Here are How Inksnation Work the list of packages.

Bronze package. …..₦1000 registration fee
Benefits X2 of Membership of ₦2,000 and ₦4,000 Daily for life.

Inksnation Adult packages

Silver… ₦10,000 registration fee.
Benefits X2 of Membership of ₦20,000 and ₦6,000 Daily for life

Gold package…. ₦100,000 registration fee
Benefits X2 of Membership of ₦200,000 and ₦8,000 Daily for life.

Diamond package …..₦1,000,000 registration fee
Benefits X2 of Membership of ₦2,000,000 and ₦10,000 Daily for life.

Steps for Inksnation registration.

1) Register yourself at

2. Pay the amount for the adult plan of your choice into this account


First Bank

Omaba Dennis Okeke   (for your account activation)

3. Send your prove of payment alongside your username here for your account activation.


Pinkard is a card that stores a digital money called Pinkoin. 1 Pinkoin today is in excess of $1,000. So, to have access to Pinkoin without spending too much money, you have to be a registered member of Inksnation.
Log in to: for further details about INKSNATION and its digital money called PINKOIN.

In the crypto industry, we have two types of cryptocurrency
1. Market based!
2. User based!

The market based are those that depend on the market forces (demand $ Supply) to determine their price. That’s why their values go up and down. Under this area we have thousands of them. Examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum , Tron, etc and these are the coins you will find in the capital market.

Mind you, one of the reasons why we need cryptocurrency to come and take the face of our payment system is to have financial freedom. Because one way or the other there are some people controlling our wealth in the world. We call them Elites and they are very few. These are the people that own financial institutions like World bank, Central bank, etc. They are the people that introduced currencies to us. And they continue to use their power even to control our finance.

The first product of cryptocurrency which is market based came out under that same manipulation. They no more use the power of demand and supply but the power of pump and dump. They will pump money into it, the value will go up, then withdraw the money and the value goes down.

Inksnation DAO Foundation is giving out grant and salary to masses in order to address unemployment and poverty in Nigeria

It was because of this error from the Market based cryptocurrency that brought about the invention of the User based cryptocurrency. Now in the area of the User Based cryptocurrency, we only have three

1. Kringle coin
2. T. O. N. (Telegram Coin) Telegram is a private social media and one of the safest.
3. Pinkoin (From Inksnation). Inksnation is a nation on his own, and their native currency is Pinkoin. It is under User Based Cryptocurrency.

User Based Cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency that has nothing to do with market forces. They only rely on the number of users that embrace it in the world because they recognize Humanity as an Asset i. e when Humanity comes together, they can give value to whatever they want.

This is why Inksnation built that blockchain around Human Asset. So when 180 living nodes (people) join, the value of their currency which is Pinkoin, appreciates by $1. So imagine having 40,000/50,000 or more people join everyday and divide it by 180 to see how much the currency appreciates in value daily and no power, no policy can devalue it. This is how it will continue to grow everyday.

Another thing that makes Inksnation DAO Foundation to be different is because they came with different innovations.

1. They have reserve: As the value of their coin appreciates, all the money goes into their reserve. And this is why they can afford to pay all their citizens (registered members) a minimum of #120,000 worth of Pinkoin monthly. This is because they have seen ahead into the future that in 5-10 years to come, human beings might become something no longer needed and AI (Robots) will begin to take over. People will begin to lose their jobs or their means of livelihood. And if at all these happen, people will have something to fall back on. What Inksnation is doing is paying all her citizens a UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income). Mind you, this has become a topic of discussion in the whole world. Countries like America, Dubai, China, and co; are also talking about putting up a system that will pay their citizens a UCBI.

2. Digital Card: Inksnation is the first cryptocurrency industry that will be coming out with their Digital card known as the Pinkard. Not only that, aside from Bitcoin that has only two ATMs which belongs to two different companies in Nigeria, Inksnation have their own Pinkoin ATM too that will belong to the people. 2 have already been shipped into the country for test running and more are still coming in.

So you don’t call something a scam until you have proven it to be so. When you don’t understand something, ask questions or read more about it.
Thank you very much.


Thinking of borrowing to solve financial challenge is not right. Looking up for somebody to help you out may be disappointing.
InksNation is the Way Out. Join InksNation to enjoy Universal Child Basic Income (UCBI) for the rest of your life.

Inksnation is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), online business platform that was created by group of Crypto investors in Africa with the aim of creating the first digital currency in Africa known as Pinkoin which is a cryptocurrency coin that use blockchain technology to generate massive revenue that will be paid to entire members monthly IBSalary from 12-September ,2020

The business was registered with CAC of the federal government as IBSMARTIFY as a legit business.

The principle behind Inksnation is to generate money for humanity to reduce poverty and unemployment using newly created crypto coin calked Pinkoin which is an asset to the humanity blockchain technology
This means Pinkoin is an asset which has precious monetary value that can be use for trading and exchange with any other cryptocurrency globally.

Inksnation has 4 subscription plans as follows:
1. Bronze@1000
2. Silver@10,000
3. Gold@100,000
4. Diamond@1,000,000
Each plan has its own benefits.
Each registered member will generate his membership ID card called pinkard.

Inksnation Dao Foundation

For your registration, contact +2348189549604.

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How to Recover Your Forgotten Inksnation Password @ Inksnation Portal

You can change your password for security reasons or reset it if you forget it. Your Inksnation Account password is used to access many Inksnation DAO Foundation.

  1. Head to the Inksnation sign-in page and click the “Forgot Password” link.
  2. Enter the last password you remember. If you can’t remember one, click “Try a different question.”
  3. Enter the secondary email address you used when you set up your Inksnation account to get a password reset email.

Change your Inksnation password

  1. Open your Inksnation Account. You might need to sign in.
  2. Under “Security,” select Signing in to Inksnation.
  3. Choose Password. You might need to sign in again.
  4. Enter your new password, then select Change Password.

If you have registered and you find it difficult to access your account follow the step below

Step1: login to

Step2: click on login

Step3: Put your inksnation registered username or email
ii: put your password

Step4: press “sign in”

Note: if your details are correct, it will successfully log you into your account.

click on d 3 doted lines at the upper right Conner of your screen,

After clicking it will display the following

the wallet is used to check your balance and your pinkoin wallet address

The account is used to correct any errors on your profile if need be.

Transaction: is used to check all your payment and debit transactions.

Stats: is used to check time, living nodes, price of pinkoin etc.

Pinkard: pinkard is like your commercial bank atm will be the best in the world by august, it is used to withdraw, by goods online, and even stands as your identity card and it makes you a full member of inksnation.
The pinkard should be screen shot and be taken to a computer centre to be printed on a plastic card.

Before printing your pinkard make sure it is showing the following 👇👇👇
i. Qr code
ii. The long digits number.
Iii. Expiring date
iv. Pinkoin logo i.e the “p” on the top of the pinkard
v. must show your profile picture

Logout: is when you want to exit your account for safety. Your project is your worth in pinkoin. In god we trust.

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