Inksnation October 2021 Latest News Update – Check Now

Are You an Inksnation member Searching For Inksnation October 2021 Latest News Update? do you want to see latest update on inksnation today? then read further to find out now.

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Inksnation October 2021 Latest News today is that activities that was scheduled to resume by MAY 12 2021, might not be possible. This is because the founder of Inksnation Amos Sewanu also referred to as UDI, has said that all LGA in the country must have at least 2,000 merchants, else things might not go as planned.

Needing 2,000 merchants per LGA means

774 LGA multiply by 2,000 Merchants = 1,548,000 merchants.

This means we need at least 1,548,000 merchants nationwide by MAY 12 2021, for the Inks activities to continue.

Logically, from the current rate, we can’t accomplish this task by MAY 12 2021.

Inksnation is doing their best to make things good and go well for everyone.

Though the Inks activities might not resume by MAY 12 2021.


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