Inksnation Registration Form Portal – Secrets Untold About Pinkcoin, Login, Create Account!

Are you looking for Inksnation Registration Form Portal? today I will reveal to you certain things that you need to know before joining Inksnation, I will also provide a comprehensive guide on how you can join Inksnation easy and fast.

This article assumes you’re already a member of INKSNATION, and will put you through on how you can login into your INKSNATION account and start making yourself money already. It’s quite an easy thing to do, simply follow through. After your registration, you will be listed among the special accounts. You will receive free money daily on your account, with this you will be making thousands daily. You can use this link to go straight to the registration page and register now 👉

Inksnation Registration Form

Without wasting your time, INKSNATION is a simple website where you will be getting monthly salary for life. You will be be making money daily on INKSNATION after registration, if you are very active at least you will be earning N120,000 every month.

Hope you already know that the registration fee is ranging from N1000, N10,000, N100,000 to 1million? Let’s move on, now I will give you steps on how to Register on INKSNATION and get approved immediately.

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How To Fill INKSNATION Registration Form Online?

  1. You need to visit the INKSNATION official website to register. It takes less than 5 minutes to be fully registered. You need to provide a unique Username which you will be using to login daily to your account.
  2. Still on the registration page, select “bronze” as your package option and then fill other information and submit “Make Payment” to continue.
  3. The next step is to pay the registration fee, N1000 you will still be provided with payment options, If you don’t want to waste time at all, then you can pay to the agent that introduce you.
  4. When you have successfully paid the N1000 registration fee, your account will be fully activated. If the payment didn’t go through, try and initiate it again.


Of course, yes! INKSNATION is so very legit, if not I wouldn’t be wasting my time promoting it. It’s among the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria today. The INKSNATION Pinkcoin found made by a Young Nigerian entrepreneur, Inkrest S.A Omotade-Sparks Founder & Universal Daddy Ink, the site is also fully registered. INKSNATION Pinkcoin is a digital asset designed to work as a medium
of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.

Login Into Your INKSNATION Account (Now INKSNATION Pinkcoin)

INKSNATION is currently one of the best income opportunity schemes in Nigeria. INKSNATION Pinkcoin, which is crypto currency for Nigerian’s, is not a get rich quick program. As an INKSNATION member, you earn money without referring people to join the program or by daily logging in, reading, commenting on, and sharing articles.

How to Login Into Your INKSNATION Portal Account

To login into your account, simply follow these steps:

  • Open in any web browser — the URL opens the INKSNATION portal.
  • After the page has fully loaded, input your username and password — the ones you registered with — in the text fields.
  • Click on the red “LOGIN” button.
  • If your details are correct, you would be taken to your dashboard.

Voila, it’s as simple as that!

What’s next after Logging in?

To help you not waste any further time, here are answers to some questions you may have after logging in.

How to get your INKSNATION referral link?

This is easy. Within your dashboard, click on “ Affiliate/Referral Links “. On the next screen, you’ll see you referral link; copy it and start making money referring people.

How to share posts on INKSNATION to earn commission?

From your dashboard, click on “ Sponsored Post “ then click on the link with post date. This should show you instruction on how to share sponsored posts.

How to update your bank account details After filling Inksnation Registration Form?

You can provide this when requesting a withdrawal. However, you can also update your bank details from your profile menu.

How to withdraw your INKSNATION money?

Within your dashboard, click on “ Withdrawal”; on the next screen, fill the withdrawal request form then click on the green “ SUBMIT WITHDRAWAL REQUEST “ afterwards.

That is all on logging into your INKSNATION account. Help share this post if it was any helpful to you. Happy money making!


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