INKSNATION Update 2021 October Latest News – See when Inksnation is Resuming

Today we’re going to give you INKSNATION Update 2021 October. You’ll See Today’s Inksnation 2021 latest Updates Here and how can be used to get all trending INKSNATION updates. We understand that many has been asking to know when is inksnation resuming, read further to find out.

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INKSNATION Update 2021 October Prelaunch

Here is InksNation DAO SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to all End-Users and other Beneficiaries

  1. InksNationDAO 2.0 is taking a new form and starting the process all over again because of the global prelaunch.
  2. All registrations/memberships will be totally free this time for old and new end-users unlike the former Inksnation Registration, Verification and Activation of Accounts to Earn 4k Everyday & 120k Monthly.
  3. All former payments of N1,000, N10,000, N100,000 and N1 Million will be refunded into your wallets as UBI-Dollars which can be withdrawn after the vesting period.
  4. The Free Registrations will be handled by the new set of KYC-Agents.
  5. End-Users benefits is pegged at a Universal Basic Income of $300 in UBI-Dollar Monthly after the vesting period.
  6. Universal Basic Income will start when we hit our global target of 2 Billion Members, with the free registration the process will be fast, therefore all End-Users have to wait till then.
  7. End-Users who can not wait till we achieve 2 Billion members Globally should become KYC-Agents to fast track the process.
  8. The New Decentralized KVC will mint an Avatar in form of an NFT as a Digital Identity and a pseudonym combination of English, Arabic and Chinese Names for each member’s Avatar to achieve both privacy and traceability, also to promote our core values of peace, oneness and unity. Eg James Yusuf Guang.

With this Inksnation News Today, 80% of inks members will keep there hope alive and wait patiently for the Inksnation Relaunch.

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