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Today we’re going to give you Latest news on INKSNATION 2020 Upgrade. You’ll See Today’s inksnation 10 latest Updates Here and how can be used to get all trending updates.

Getting INKSNATION 2020 Upgrade news for applicants update will also help you stay informed more than every other inksnation members.

If you are experiencing difficulty in logging into your account, seeing your dashboard or doing anything in your account or even unable to see your account as expected,

  1. do not worry
  2. do not panic
  3. And do not start raising alarm

stop ranting…

Find the next supermarket or shop close-by get a good pop corn and relax in your sofa or cushion or whatever you have and wait until you receive an update from udi – daddy ink here, then you can go and see his mind-blowing plans gradually unfold.

Be informed that website maintenance is ongoing, keep calm!!!

The real reason why INKSNATION do release news updates concerning Current INKSNATION 2020 Upgrade is to ensure there’s steady updates for all members.

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Today, we’re going to give you top latest news updates from INKSNATION.

If read this guide diligently, you’ll know what’s currently happening with INKSNATION.

Don’t be in a hurry to leave website without taking time to read through all the news below.

So take your time to go through the latest news on INKSNATION listed below now.

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Things to note about INKSNATION 2020 Upgrade/Verifications

let’s be aware that inksnation platform may not work optimally as it use to due to the integration or coding ongoing by some of the best programmers in the world.

Now for verification to be successful; we must make sure we update our individual profiles with tallying names as in the bvn data.

though the bvn pop up has be temporary suspended, this is most like so we may update our profiles as all formally verified accounts now shows unverified

Again during this period, please and please don’t raise unnecessary panic or alarm as we all have been informed long before November 12th. So whatever and however our dashboard appears must not cause any form of worries but should serve as an indication that a major maintenance is ongoing.

Please keep on praying for the success of inksnation while we patiently wait for our darling inksnation site to be completed.

Important information concerning BVN VERIFICATION on Inksnation platform

I want to pass across this information because it happened now. Please disregard any call that claim that he or she is a INKSNATION agent or exchanger or one of the INKSNATION customer service.

INKSNATION 2020 Upgrade

INKSNATION customer service can never call any of the member and be asking for their bank details or OTP or telling them the errors in their registration details.

Please for God sake, disregard any calls. This happened to one of my customer now. One person called him that he’s from INKSNATION customer service and ask him different questions concerning banks details. Please disregard this because this is Nigeria for you.

This people are the people around you, they all know that you are INKSNATION member.

They also know what’s going on in INKSNATION now regarding of bvn or other details that has to do with your banks.

Those scammers want to use this opportunity to claim some people money from their account. INKSNATION will never do that.

Again, INKSNATION is a legit and a confirmed program, don’t let anyone implicates INKSNATION by their fraudulent acts. INKSNATION customer service can never call anybody for anything.

That’s why we have been telling you base on bvn issues, don’t give your bvn or bank details to a stranger during this process to help you input your bvn or verify your account including exchangers if don’t trust them.

Be wise. We are begging you.

The bvn we are asking for is an order from the CBN. INKSNATION customer service will never call his members asking for bvn or OTP.

INKSNATION is a legit platform that came to eradicate poverty and not to add to your problem.

Some Question Asked By Inksnation Members

  1. what does DRCB mean in inksnation

    Looking for the definition of DRCB mean in inksnation? it’s ‘Distributed Reserve Cashless Banking’ So your DRCB balance  in Inksnation is money that is reserved which you can use at the Inksnation market.

  2. Inksnation Microfinance Bank

    Inksnation microfinace bank is still in processes as claimed by Inksnation members.

  3. How to verify inksnation user account

    Are you an inksnation member? is your inksnation account still showing unverified User? if yes then send a whatsapp message to this number: 08189549604 and your account will be verified immediately.

  4. How to Withdraw Your Money From Inksnation to Your Bank Account

    Right now you can’t withdraw from your inksnation account to your bank account, as integration of Inksnation Microfinance Bank is still ongoing.

PLEASE NOTE:- INKSNATION 2nd Batch Verification will begin on Saturday by God’s Grace. The issues admin/agents are having is that traffic is hitting the 3rd parties site in a way that is affecting them.

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