Latest News Update On School Resumption Date in Nigeria 2020

Hi, right here is update on School Resumption Date in Nigeria 2020 which has been question of the day. We brought to you the exact date of school resumption in Nigeria so read further to find out. We hard on news sometime on when is school resuming of which date or guideline wasn’t made known. According to UNESCO data, over 100 countries have not yet announced a date for schools to reopen, 65 have plans for partial reopening.

Reason Why School Resumption Date in Nigeria 2020 is Yet to be Known

Following the pandemic outbreak in the world today the Nigerian government has decided to short down schools across the country for some months now to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 in the country. Sometime ago unverified news has been trending online on when schools will be reopen in Nigeria.

At the moment School Resumption Date in Nigeria 2020 hasn’t been specified so lets wait for official announcement.  New guideline on the School Resumption Date in Nigeria 2020 is said to have been set aside already.

We know that Schools across the world has started to reopen as some country begin lift lockdown rules after reaching the highest cases of coronavirus infections, and cases later begin reduce in number. The question now is when is Nigeria schools resuming? well at this point in time no date has been set aside for resumption of schools in Nigeria.

With the way increase in number of infected person’s with Covid-19 keeps raising in Nigeria, we believe schools reopening in Nigeria will still on hold.

Latest News Resumption Date for School in Nigeria

The latest update we have for you at the moment is there is no date has been on when school resume in Nigeria even as we celebrates children’s day today been 27th May 2020 as the closure of schools nationwide has disrupted learning.

According to Adefisayo: “We are already working with the Federal Ministry of Education and they are working with National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) on the guidelines that could be adopted when the need arises for the schools to reopen.

“Once the protocol is completed and health officials assured us that the coast is clear, we will give the schools some days to adjust their premises in accordance with the guidelines on commencement of academic activities in the country and date on when school resume will be announce”.

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