MIT-Empowering the Teachers (MIT-ETT) Program Application 2017-2018

MIT-Empowering the Teachers (MIT-ETT)  Program Application 2017-2018  Empowering the Teachers (ETT) program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) strives to foster innovation in science and engineering education in tertiary academic institutions in Africa through an intense engagement with faculty members from African universities.

MIT-ETT Objective

The overarching goal of ETT is to facilitate the development of young African faculty leadership in science and engineering education who will introduce innovation and creativity into science and engineering curricular. There are two main objectives of the ETT program: to provide young African professors with exposure to cutting-edge pedagogical methods in the highest-rated engineering and science departments in the U.S. and to provide American faculty who have a deep interest in connecting with those in their disciplines in emerging economies a concrete means of engagement.

To apply, applicant are to complete the following program application; then send  the completed application form via Email;

A copy of your current curriculum vitae (please include which coding languages you know);  a copy of 1 research paper and 1 conference paper that best represents your work/your areas of interest as ONE PDF attachment file in ONE email to: [email protected]

Incomplete applications will *not* be considered.

Deadline: Thursday December 1, 2016 8pmEST

  1. Personal Information

Name (Sir Name, Given Name):

Please specify which semester you prefer: Fall 2017 (Sept-Dec)/ Spring 2018 (Feb-May)

How did you hear about MIT-ETT:

Country of Residence:

Email address 1:

Email address 2:

Phone number 1:

Phone number 2:

Current Personal Mailing Address:

Current Professional Mailing Address:

Current University where you are teaching:

Current University Department where you are teaching

(options: Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering):

Current Academic Position:

What year were you promoted to your Current Academic Position?:

What is the last year you were promoted?:

What is your Title?

What is your university department of appointment?

What year did you receive your PhD?

PhD school:

PhD Field:

Master’s year:

Master’s school:

Master’s Field:

Bachelor’s Year:

Bachelor’s School:

Bachelor’s Field:

Describe your research area:

Describe your teaching area:

  1. Professional Information

List your most recent scholarly publications that best summarize your contributions to your area of research (no more than five):

List your most recent conference presentations that best summarize your contributions to your area of research (no more than five):

Describe any previous international experiences as an educator or student:

What courses do you currently teach?

Please list the MIT-OCW courses that you would most like to observe and describe how they relate to the courses you now teach:

III. Questions

In up to 250 words describe why you are interested in this teaching fellowship and describe the current challenges you face in your teaching and how you propose to address those challenges.

What teaching innovations or curricular changes have you introduced in the courses you teach?

What activities outside of the classroom have you created for undergraduate students in your department, faculty or university?

From your current understanding of the program, what would you aim to achieve both during your semester at MIT and after returning to your university?

  1. Recommendations

Please list complete information (full name, position, email(s), phone(s)) for three contacts who can submit a professional recommendation about your teaching/research. Only finalists will have their references contacted.

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