MMM Nigeria Benefits To Nigerian Society –

MMM Nigeria Benefits To Nigerian Society – – MMM is a people community, which help each other for free, and absolutely consciously, they transfer money directly to each other, from one bank account to another, without any conditions, guarantees and promises. Just only because they want to do that. Because it is a good deal to help each other.
It means the Mutual benefit fund as it is.

Listed Below Are Some MMM Nigeria Benefits To Nigerian Society –

( 1) MMM has created room for more Data Plan purchase. Glo. MTN. Etisalat . Airtel. All the Mobile Networks are also benefiting much from MMM.

( 2) MMM has also created an avenue for Banks to make more money . The transfer MMM members do with our mobile banking and also direct payment in bank.
MMM members are been charged #105 as the case maybe for transaction. So you see that banks are benefiting.

( 3) MMM members buy things in the market very often . The market woman are able to sale
their food stuff . Even Fast Food , Restaurant are booming all because of MMM.

( 4) MMM has also educated the society and its member through Seminars . Let people know that one most not suffer so much to get paid. Creating avenue for people to learn computer , To be able to P . H and G. H.

( 5) MMM has Crown it all by giving back to the same society that Benefits from it . Example are Charity organization are been set up. Orphanage home visitation . Taking care of Burnt Victims .
Just to mentioned but few.

( 6) MMM has been able to engage the minds of young and the unemployed , and has given them courage to withstand this harsh period of recession .

( 7) For the civil servants ’ in this period of delayed salaries payment , MMM system has sustained them and has never delayed payment nor owed.

( 8) For Nigerian students of Tertiary institutions MMM has been able to provide them feeding
money, pocket money , money for book, school materials and even tuition etc . Thereby helping
them to have better college life .

( 9) MMM has been able to bridge the gap between the upper and lower class individuals
of the Nigerian society by creating an avenue for everyone to meet basic needs.

( 10) Reduction of cyber crimes . MMM has motivated Nigerian citizens that instead of defrauding pple online to make money that they should Rather PH and GH and that way no one

is hurt .

( 11) MMM has further enhance fairness, care and national unity . In the spirit if PH and GH we do not choose ourselves who to help but the system does’ that way encourages to help our
fellow country men /women.

( 12) MMM has helped Nigerians to be conscious, and thereby killed dat spirit of africa
man time. As d system has shown us that time is of essence. The list can go on as the benefits are enormous and cannot be over emphasized.

Therefore the SEC and FG do not need to fight the system that is helping Nigerians in several ways, because is just like biting the finger that feeds you. If you haven’ t benefited directly’ certainly you know someone that has. MMM has come to stay.

MMM Is d change we need , Truly MMM pays .
Together we can change the World.
Please and share.

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