MMM Nigeria New Money Rule for Release of 2016 Mavro

Regarding MMM Nigeria New Money Rule for Release of ‘Mavro 2016 Contributions’

Dear participants of MMM Nigeria:

At present, the new money rule is applied to the release of ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ for 10% of the amount of PH-request (of participant himself or his referral).

How does it work? It means that if you provide help in the amount of 1000, and before that you have withdrawn 600, then the new money will be 1000-600=400. And your ‘Mavro-2016-Contributions’ will be released for 10% of 400, it means only 40 will be unfrozen (so not 100, not 10% of 1000).

We would like to share pleasant news with you. From now on, the new money will be counted since the day of this announcement got published.

It means if, for example, tomorrow you provide help in the amount of 1000 nairas, they will be considered as new money, even if previously you have already withdrawn 2000.

Now you can use your personal Landing Page for attracting newbies!

How does it work?

  • You place your link on Landing Page forums, social media, or just send it to another person using private message , and etc.
  • Clicking the link, a person gets to the single-page website and gains insight into that. The site contains the properly designed MMM advertisement with a call to registration.
  • When the person decides to become an MMM member and gets registered through the site — he becomes your referral and you can get all the bonuses to which you are entitled.

Now you don’t have to promote MMM and call to join the system on your own. We did everything for you — the only thing you need is merely share the personal Landing Page URL. Currently, it is simpler and more convenient to attract new members.

You can choose from two options of Landing Page:

  • The first one indicating the MMM name.
  • The second — without indication of MMM. We are named there just like a Global Mutual Aid Fund.

Why have we done that? Our opponents spread a lot of false and unpleasant information regarding MMM — asking people to beware it. And some people going to the site and seeing the MMM name there will not even read anything. But if there is no name — they will get insight into the information, understand everything, and when they go to the site and see “MMM” — they will have already an entirely different reaction.

Of course, no one prevent you from attracting newbies using a referral link. It’s up to you. :-)) The referral link is available in your PO too. We have just gave you another option to build your own team

Your Landing Page URL can be found in the “Referrer” section of your PO (just below the usual referral link). Feel free to use it. :-))

We are changing the world!

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