N-power 2019 NPVN Portal: How to Add, Correct Bank Details & Upload Your Photo

N-power 2019 NPVN Portal has everything in it which makes it easy for you to add and edit, and correct your bank details and upload photo.

In a situation whereby you can’t personally add your bank details, there is another method to get that done, courtesy N-power technical team.

How to correct or edit your banking details in N-power 2019 NPVN Portal

In one of our previous posts, Topgist highlighted some of the things you can do within your N-power 2019 NPVN portal, one of them is payment issue, which has to do with banking details.

This isn’t for the new beneficiaries of second batch of 300, 000, but N-power 2016 first batch of 200, 000 beneficiaries can also carry out the similar task this post is about.

You can as well Check your N-power Identification Number within your NPVN Portal

Follow the guide below to correct or request for change of banking details within your N-power 2019 NPVN Portal

Recommended browsers for accessing N-power 2019 NPVN Portal

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Explorer, or
  • Google Chrome

Step 1:
As usual, login to your NPVN official login page dashboard using your phone number and your password

Step 2:
Click the option by your left hand side if you’re using any Samsung Pad, Techno DroidiPhone, or any other Android devices.

The entire options will be displayed for you if you’re using laptop or desktop computer. For the purpose of this guide, we are using Tablet device.

Step 3:
From the drop down are the following:N-power 2017 NPVN Portal

  1. I) announcement, ii) Help and Support, and click Help&Support

Step 4:
It’ll upload “Report an Issue” click on it. If you’re on a Laptop or desktop computer, you’ll see everything right on the screen

Step 5:
Click on complain type, from the drop down menu you’ll see options like: paymentprofileverificationdeploymentredeploymentdevice selection, and resignation. Select “PAYMENTN-power 2017 NPVN Portal

Step 6:
Choose the appropriate title. Let your title be captivating for it to elicit click from N-power support team.

Sample of some title you can use for correction of name:
A) Error in bank details
B) Mispelt name in bank details
C) Correct my account number, please.
D) Adekoya NOT Akoyi etc

Step 7:
In the message box, clearly state your bank name and details again, and point out the error for any of the N-power support team members to effect the correction.

Then hit SUBMIT.

What other issues are you having withing N-power 2019 NPVN Portal? Share with us right we’d be glad to help you.

In case the above problem isn’t peculiar to yours, we’ve also compiled Likely N-power Problems and How to Solve them.

N-power 2019 NPVN Portal

The newly “onboarded” second batch of N-power should note that there bank account details have already been automatically been uploaded. So you might not really need to update anything there again, unless you have error in your details.

That’s the essence of what we just discussed above, please follow it and give us feedback.

What is NPVN Portal?

NPVN portal is a dedicated portal designed by N-Power for the successful N-power applicants.

If you’re shortlisted for N-power programme you’ll have access to the portal.

NPVN portal is designed for the successful applicants to update their personal information like their names, bank details and other useful information about the applicants.

N-power 2019 NPVN Portal and change in Bank details

N-power problem: One of the N-power volunteers, Mawie El-Mman , asked this question N-power Facebook Page

I checked my profile account yesterday and I realized that there’s a sudden change in my account details.

Before now it was a Union Bank account that was displaying but when I checked yesterday I am seeing a UBA as my bank name.

N-power solution: You can send your correct details right on N-power Facebook page, or…

You can still click on the Help & support button on your profile to leave the correct details for further action.

Please follow our guide above, select PROFILE and leave your correct details.

N-power 2019 NPVN Portal and ID upload Issue

Here are other problems you are likely to experience in your NPVN portal and solutions:

N-power problem: I uploaded my passport without ID card . It’s not as if I don’t have the ID card, but there was network problem when I was trying to upload the two, at the end it was only the passport that was uploaded, but I hope there will not be problem?

N-power solution: To get your ID and passport photo uploaded, login to your NPVN portal to upload them. The option to upload and change any of the two is still available.

New things to note on N-power 2019 NPVN Portal

For N-power 2016 first batch, they must noticed a change in the new NPVN Portal.

According to N-power, “The N-Power web has been improved and optimized for your learning. Additionally, new and exciting contents are now available on the platform for you to access immediately.”

The new NPVN Portal has some of the following:
Prepare: This section contains contents to help groom you be successful at your given role, you can begin to prepare for N-power 2019 deployment right away.

Deliver: Learner-centred teaching methods, effective classroom management and so on. This section is particularly relevant to N-power Teach.

While the new Learn content contains World class e-books from Microsoft, Google, Cisco etc

You can now view real-time status change on your profile.


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