N-Power Non-Graduate 2016 Recruitment List Of Applicants

N-Power Non-Graduate 2016 Recruitment List – Let me start by speaking first with the Non-graduate program. In 2016, the application process opened June last year, June 12, 2016 which ran through August 31st 2016 and we had applications for both the graduate program and the non-graduate program.

SSA to the President Afolabi Imoukhuede, on Job Creation held a Facebook Live Chat today to address some of your Frequently Asked Questions.

Question 1

Non-Graduate 2016 Applicants

So We know a lot of you who applied for various components under the non-graduate program, you have been asking the questions: “Has the Federal Government forgotten us? You’ve not said anything about us, when are you going to deploy us?” We have seen a lot, we’ve heard you, we’ve heard your questions and this evening I’ll try to provide a few answers.
We will start deploying you from the month of August by the grace of God, the plan is really to deploy you in batches, so we will start by deploying some of you, especially those of you who applied to N-Power Build, we’ll start deploying you from the month of August in batches, and then obviously we will also, soon enough, also come to those of you who applied to the hardware, software and creative. So my message to you this evening is stay tuned to this channel, and we will give you more details, and we will also contact you, we have your details, we will contact you as we deploy you in batches but we will give more information in the next few weeks regarding that.

For those who have a job and use N-Power as a secondary source of income, proceed with caution.

All day everyday, we are finding ways to make your N-Power experience easier.

2017 N-Power Application Closing Date

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo extended the 2017 N-Power application by 2 weeks.

The Application portal will now close on Thursday, July 27th, 2017.

The application portal is still open to ALL categories except N-Power TAX.

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